Andy Barrett
Tai Hara
Occupation Gym training instructor
Gender Male
Relationships Hannah Wilson

(ex-girlfriend'possibly still in love with)

Emma Gleeson


Charlotte King


Evelyn MacGuire


Family Scott Barrett


Debbie Barrett


Johnny Barrett


Josh Barrett

(Half Brother/Cousin)

Casey Braxton

(Step Brother/Cousin)

Portrayed by Tai Hara

Andy Barrett is the Half brother of Josh Barrett.And the biological son of Scott Barrett. He is portrayed by tai hara

Andy gets a job at Body and Soul to help Josh get his education and starts dating Hannah Wilson (Cassie Howarth) for saving Josh and they go down to the beach after hearing Brax is released after Adam Sharpe (Martin Lynes) confesses to being the actual killer of Andy's step-father, Johnny Barrett. His already tense relationship with the Braxtons further deteriorates after he runs Casey (Lincoln Younes), who is driving home a drunk Maddy Osborne, off the road over a misunderstanding. Casey was confined to a wheelchair for some time due to a spinal cord injury and a furious Brax seeks Andy for revenge after finding out the truth. Andy punches Brax the moment he sees him and leaves before John Palmer could do something. Johnny's remains were found and among them, was a baby photo of Casey, that they mistake for a baby photo of Josh. Brax steals it to confirm that Casey is Johnny's son and after returning from London, Andy steals the key from Hannah to grab the photo. This causes Hannah and Andy to break up.and andy's biological father scott barrett comes to summer bay to see his son and nephew josh and he was in shock when his other nephew casey died. he started to work with his son andy.