Angelo Rosetta
Angelo Rosetta
Occupation Police Sergeant (former)
Restaurant Owner (2010-11)
Residence Sydney
Gender Male
Relationships Nicole Franklin (girlfriend)
Charlotte Buckton (ex-girlfriend, deceased)
May Stone (ex-girlfriend)
Belle Taylor (ex-girlfriend, deceased)
Family Carla Rosetta (mother)
Paulo Rosetta (brother)
First Appearance 8 july 2008 - 21 june 2011
Portrayed by Luke Jacobz

Angelo Rosetta was a former Police Officer, most well known for his manslaughter of Jack Holden. Despite this, he regained respect of the townsfolk after clearing Irene Roberts of murder, being accepted in the community once again.
Not long after completing his people smuggling case, he resigned from the police force, and founded a restaurant named 'Angelo's'.


In the 2008 season finale, Angelo received a phonecall from his friend Tim Coleman, the foreman at a development site, who told Angelo to meet him at the site. Jack (Paul O'Brien) had a feeling that Angelo might know something about the alleged toxic waste around the site and decided to follow him there. When he got to the site, Angelo called out Tim's name several times, but with no reply. While Jack watched Angelo from behind a tree, somebody fired a bullet in Angelo's direction. Frightened, Angelo pulled his service weapon out from his back pocket. He then heard a second shot being fired even closer this time and pointed his weapon out in front of him. Moments later, he heard a small creak from behind him and fired two bullets in that direction. Jack was hit in the chest by Angelo's shots. Upon hearing something fall to the ground, Angelo approached where he fired. He thought it was Tim he had hit, but suddenly he looked down and realised that it was not Tim – it was Jack. The whole time, Angelo had not heard. Angelo was in shock after he saw what he had done and didn't know what to do.

In the first episode of the 2009 season, it was revealed that Angelo left Jack at the site and went back to his house. He tried to hide what he did, but eventually his girlfriend, Charlie, became suspicious and set out a plan to catch Angelo out. Charlie mentioned her plan to Martha MacKenzie (Jodi Gordon), who also suspected Angelo when she found Jack's diary, which showed that he had been investigating Angelo. The plan fell through and Angelo attended Jack's funeral thinking that no one knew it was him that killed Jack. At the wake, Martha was no longer able keep it a secret. She knew that it was Angelo who killed her husband and told Jack's father, Tony (Jon Sivewright). Upon hearing this, Tony angrily lashed out at Angelo, and after being restrained by friends at the wake, Angelo finally admitted that he was responsible for Jack's death. He was taken into the city to be charged, but was found not guilty, presumably because he was beaten to get a confession out of him.

In mid 2009, Angelo returned to Summer Bay under a special investigation of people smuggling as part of the Marine Area Command division of the police. His return caused much pain and anger for the many people who were family and friends with Jack. However, it soon became clear that he was working on a people smuggling operation that was thought to be taking place at the Bay. He believed that somebody had illegal abalone. Xavier, Jack's cousin, slashed the tires on his squad car out of anger for Jack, but was caught. In the 2009 season finale, it was revealed that Angelo's number one suspect, Jack's cousin Hugo Austin (Bernard Curry), was the mastermind behind it. When Hugo refused to admit anything, Angelo escorted him to be transferred to a city police station. However, Hugo was shot outside the station and so Angelo had to inform his family, all the time knowing that Hugo had made a deal and was not really dead. In February 2010, Charlie received a promotion from Senior Constable to Leading Senior Constable while Angelo got promoted from Constable to Sergeant. This caused jealousy because Angelo was now the boss of Yabbie Creek Police Station and Charlie was now his second-in-command. As of February, Charlie is no longer dating Angelo and they have agreed to just be friends.

After Charlie broke it off with Angelo because she needed space, he became paranoid that Charlie was seeing Michael, who turned out to be her counsellor. He humiliated himself when he befriended Michael, under the false name Leo (his middle name), and followed Charlie to Michael's house. Having climbed a tree in Michael's front yard to better see Charlie and Michael, he ended up losing his balance and falling out of the tree! Angelo wasn't badly hurt, but Charlie saw him and was furious that he had followed her. Angelo apologised and they became friends again. They then went on to have a kiss, followed by a date and they are now back in a relationship.

When Angelo found out that Hugo was hiding out with Martha and that Detective Eaves was a dodgy cop trying to bring down Hugo, Angelo and Charlie arrested Eaves, Angelo arrested Hugo and Martha and was driving them to the police station, on the way he decided to let them go. For this, Angelo was investigated and voluntarily resigned. That night, he went to the beach and burnt his uniform, stripping himself naked in front of Colleen Smart. After he spent a night in lockup, Charlie gets promoted to Sergeant. Angelo has subsequently decided to start his own restaurant named 'Angelo's'.

Angelo hosts a singles' night at the restaurant, which is gatecrashed by the River Boys. After they get drunk, they begin a brawl. Angelo goes into business with Darryl Braxton, after Darryl helps the restaurant make a profit. Angelo later become uneasy with his new partnership, especially when Darryl changes the menu, even hires his brother Casey as a delivery boy. Angelo becomes good friends with Nicole Franklin and he helps deliver her son. They then begin a relationship. When Angelo discovers a large marijuana crop being harvested in the forest, he calls Charlie to let her know, before being knocked out by Heath Braxton. Angelo is taken to the hospital where he remains unconscious. He wakes up and tells Charlie that he does not remember what happened, but when he warns Nicole, she realises that that he does. Brodie Upton holds Nicole hostage and Angelo helps talk him down. Angelo discovers that Charlie is seeing Darryl and try to warn her about him. Angelo manages to blackmail Darryl into buying him out of the business and he and Nicole leave Summer bay with George. Angelo and Nicole later meet up with Marilyn Chambers.