Axel Boyd
Occupation Fashion Designer
Fashion Label Scout
Gender Male
First Appearance 6th November 2017
Portrayed by Matthew Pearce
Axel Boyd is a character in Home and Away, portrayed by Matthew Pearce, he made his first appearance on the 6th November.


Axel meets Olivia Fraser Richards at Salt, after she complains that her dresses are being sold on his fashion website. He apologises and explains that when he learned that a low level designer copied her designs, they were fired. He then offers Olivia a deal to buy one of her designs. When Olivia meets with him again to discuss the contract, Axel invites her to the company headquarters in Melbourne. After the trip, Olivia meets with Axel to show him some new designs.

She introduces him to her boyfriend Hunter King, who attempts to ask questions about the contract, but Olivia shuts him down. Axel later tells Olivia that he thinks Hunter will hold her back. When Axel arranges a photoshoot and interview for Olivia at Salt, he suggests that Hunter leaves, as he is a distraction. Axel flatters Olivia over drinks and then kisses her. Olivia makes it clear that she is in a relationship with Hunter and that their relationship should stay as a business relationship.