Belle Taylor Vale arrived in Summer Bay on a mission: to find her birth mother.

Belle Taylor
Occupation Waitress, Student (2006-07), Journalist (2007-08, 2009)
Residence Summer Bay
Gender Female
Relationships Aden Jefferies

(husband, 2008-2009)

Angelo Rosetta

(ex-boyfriend, 2008)

Drew Curtis

(ex-boyfriend, 2006, 2007-2008)

Lucas Holden

(ex-boyfriend, 2006-2007)

Ric Dalby

(ex-boyfriend, 2006)

Family Amanda Vale

(biological mother)

Peter Baker


David Taylor

(adoptive father)

Judith Taylor

(adoptive mother)

Ryan Baker


Drew Curtis


Kitty Landsdowne


Kelli Vale


First Appearance 3 february 2006 - 11 august 2009
Portrayed by Jessica Tovey

Belle’s upbringing was over-disciplined and controlling. As she became older, her parents were dismayed to find their daughter rejecting their straight, conservative lifestyle and hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Although Belle was a cheeky, extroverted young girl, she was full of insecurity and craved the love and attention her parents never gave her. Belle thought that by finding her birth mother, she would at last find her proper place in the world.

When she arrived in Summer Bay, Belle lived in the bush for some weeks and was befriended by Ric, who brought her food. She was shocked to discover the true identity of her birth mother and was even more shocked when she finally accepted Amanda, only to discover she was sleeping with her then boyfriend, Drew! The two split, and got back together but have since realised they don’t love each other and gone their separate ways. They realized they didnt love each other and went their separate ways.

She eventually moved in with Irene Roberts who became like family to her. Later, Geoff and Annie Campbell also moved in and she took them as her adopted siblings.

After Highschool, Belle got a job as a journalist with a horrible Boss. However, she was passionate about photography more then anything. For her job, she published an article on Aden Jefferies and compared him to his War Hero grandfather, due to his respectful speech at Dan Baker's memorial. However Aden was not pleased with the comparison with his grandfather and verbally abused Belle for this, which she tried to defend herself. when Leah and Irene opened the Diner and Den in Dan Baker's name, Belle got a job there and quit her journalist job. Along with consequently Aden as her new co-worker, who had been taken in by Roman and given a job, much to Belle confusions and dismay.

At the job, Aden tried flirting with her, but she told him to back down and keep it professional, but she knew she was attracted to him. It was not until Aden beat Axel Hay for sexually assaulting Melody that Belle really took a notice at Aden, asking him why he would do such a thing and telling him she was confused as to why he acted the way he did- to which he replied that he had his reasons.

When Aden's father got sick, Belle took him to the hospital and thats when he their relationship started. He told her, Roman and Nicole that his father was sick and could die from chronic Liver damage . Belle and Roman asked him how long he had been like this and Aden replied since forever and that he was angry his father was so weak that his grandfather had to look after him. Aden left the hospital and later showed up at Belle's bedroom window at night asking for help. He told her that he just wanted somewhere to sleep and she let him sleep at her house, but only on the floor. The next morning Aden was in her bed cuddling her and she replied that she was surprised that he hadnt tried anything with her.

Aden and Belle's friendship developed and Belle grew close to Aden, but wanted to keep their relationship a secret because of his reputation throughout the town which offended Aden. Realising under a hard exterior he was actually very nice and caring, Belle grew more open to their relationship being in the public eye.

Adens father confronted Belle one day when she found out he was still drinking even if he was meant to be sober and pleaded with her to keep it a secret from Aden. Belle kept the secret but was upset for Aden. Aden suspected that Belle was hiding something and assumed she knew about the situation with his grandfather. Belle told him she didnt know what he was talking about. Later on, armed with evidence that Aden was distressed when it came to his grandfather, Belle started asking questions. Belle asked Aden if his grandfather used to physically beat him and Aden got upset but did not respond.

Aden and Belle's relationship eventually progressed and she wanted to go to the next level, but was confused as why to stud Aden would always push her away. When she asked him, he told he was making sure she was okay with it. One night when they came home together, Aden attempted to prove himself to Belle and tried to sleep with her, but suddenly became very agitated and scared. Belle asked if he was okay and he told her that she was a skank and slept with everyone, upsetting her beyond belief.

The next day Belle went to Nicole and asked her if Aden and her had ever slept together. Nicole laughed and told Belle that when she tried to get Aden to sleep with her, he ran away. Belle went to Aden and told him what she thought; he was a virgin and was scared of people finding out. This comment angered Aden and he asked Belle never to speak to him again.

Belle grew interest in Angelo Rosetta, the new policeman in town and he took her out on a date. Belle still knew something was up with Aden, but wanted to make him Jealous. Aden caught Belle after her date with Angelo and told her that he was very sorry for the way he acted towards her and the way he treated others in the past, telling her he had to tell her something big. Aden and Belle went back to her house and in an emotional moment Aden confessed to Belle that he had been sexually abused by his grandfather throughout his childhood and his father, who still relied on Aden for everything, did nothing to stop his grandfather or get Aden help.

Belle felt very sorry for the way she treated Aden and apologized, telling him she could wait forever until he was comfortable to have sex. Aden eventually got help and was able to sleep with Belle, but soon after things came crashing down when his father got in trouble with the police and killed Axel Hay. Aden found out that his father had been abused too in a heated moment and was angry that with this experience his father still had done nothing. Aden suffered a mental breakdown and Belle was kidnapped by him, along with Rachel. Aden did not want to help Belle and just wanted her by his side as he held them hostage along with his father, so he would die. Belle trying to stop Aden from killing his father, told him she loved him despite everything. She had to restrain him from injecting morphine into his father.

Eventually Angelo came and rescued her from Aden. Belle, scared and shocked at what Aden had done, broke up with him and developed a relationship with Angelo.

When she found out Aden was asking her from his place in the mental hospital she went and visited him and told him she would aways be there for him as a friend. When Aden was released, Belle saw how well adjusted he was and got back with him, completely falling back in love with him.

However one Day Belle was attacked by hired hitman from a developer company, which she was investigating for illegal toxic waste dumping. The attack caused her to develop a drug habit and Anxiety and her relationship with Aden soured, due to his fathers background. Things took a turn for the worst when Belle collapsed at Rachel Armstrong's wedding and she was admitted to Rehab, there she met Liam Haynes (Axel Whitehead) a rockstar.

Belle developed a relationship with Liam much to Aden's dismay. When Aden found she had slept with Liam he told her they were done for good. He ended up sleeping with Nicole and Belle become even more jealous. However, they got back together when Liam could not kick his habits. Liam and Aden eventually fought, but Aden one over Belle and they got back together.

Sadly Later on Belle developed pains in her stomach and went to Rachel. She found out she only had months if weeks to live. She wanted to get married to Aden. Aden was surprised a girl would propose to a guy, but he accepted it as he loved her, not knowing the truth. Belle however grew sick on her Hen's night and was admitted to hospital. There Aden learnt the truth. Aden had to decide if he was going to marry his dying wife who had lied to him. Belle got ready for the wedding, hoping Aden would come around. Things looked futile until Aden showed up and told her he would be a fool not to marry her.

Aden and Belle spent the rest of Belle's life as a married couple, returning home early from their honeymoon as she was too sick to continue. Belle had to break the news to Geoff, Annie and Irene. During this time, Belle wrote letters' to Aden. On her last night, Aden carried Belle into her bedroom and laid with her, just like at the beginning of their relationship. Belle knew this was the end and told Aden that he would be OK. Aden cradled Belle and she died in her sleep that night in 2009. Aden was devastated, however Irene soon gave him a letter Belle wrote to him, in which it told him that he was strong man and she gave him permission to move on with someone else. With this final letter, Belle left the bay and Aden forever.