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  • Sfa29

    casey braxton

    May 17, 2015 by Sfa29

    casey braxton is the half brother of darryl braxton heath braxton and josh barrett

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  • AustralianTv

    As Home and Away 2014 comes to an end we have been given information never heard before. This year the finale will be air triple episode in Australia on the 10th of December, this was meet with some confusion seeing as though the show normally wraps up in the last week of November.

    This years season of Home and Away is the longest running since 1992 with the show having aired 235 episodes it ties with the 1992 season of the show.

    Caution: The following contains spoilers, read at your own risk!

    This is how the season final is going down: Sophie's mental instability reaching a new height when she knocks Nate unconscious, ties him up and threatens to set them both alight. When he comes around Nate manages to talk her into untying him, and convince…

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  • AustralianTv

    Do's and Don'ts

    July 28, 2014 by AustralianTv

    Welcome to the Home and Away Wiki! On the wiki we now have rules which you are required to abide by at all times when editing/using this wiki. Please read the Do's and Don'ts below so that we can manage a successful and fun for all ages wikia.

    Please do not add an article, then add nothing to it. There have been several cases of articles with no content that have been deleted as of late. This article is one that has content with gibberish spam, while this one features proper content showing the proper way to edit. We would also appreciate you not add speculation or fan fiction on this wiki.

    Please do not 'copy and paste' articles from websites such as other wikis, Wikipedia or Home and Away Websites. If copy and pasting is needed please re-a…

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  • Big Brother 99


    July 23, 2014 by Big Brother 99

    So I am a little concerned with Heath and his children being taken away from him, but in fact his children are staying with each other and their mum and dad.

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  • AustralianTv


    January 29, 2014 by AustralianTv

    Hello and Welcome to the Home and Away Wiki! We are excited to have you here in our terrific wiki. At the moment the Wiki lacks in a few things, articles, design and editors! We are always excited to have new editors so please help the wiki by contributing your information and knowledge to the wiki.

    If you need any help please feel free to ask me as I am always hear to help!

    Thankyou and Kind regards, AustralianTv.

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  • VampireGleekxx

    Chapter One: In The Bay

    Police Stations. I've seen enough of them. This particular one, it's my first time in. I was sitting on a bench across from the main desk, with my arms folded across my chest and my legs, bare from my high waist shorts, crossed too. All I stole was a bottle of water and a nut bar, and they arrest me for this. Seriously, this is just ridiculous. And now they've made me wait half an hour, before they can process me. Seriously, this was far too over the top for this. It was minor shoplifting. I wasn't getting charged. Well, if I was, I wasn't told.

    The Sergeant took me into the questioning room where I sat down opposite her and another officer who was going to take notes.

    "Will start off with the basics" She said "What's …

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  • VampireGleekxx

    You've met the River Boys

    *shows Brax, Heath and Casey from their promo*

    But, wait until you meet their sister!

    *slowly moves up Annie's body and stopping at her face*

    *She has a cheeky smile spread across her lips*

    What happened?

    *shows Charlie sitting across from Annie in the police station*

    Charlie: What's your name?

    Annie: Annie Braxton

    *Charlie gets up from her seat'*

    Charlie: You're familiar with the River Boys, right?

    *Annie eyes move up to glare at Charlie*

    Where did she goes?

    *shows Heath walking after Annie in a car park*

    Heath: It's been three years

    Who's happy to see her?

    *shows Casey picking Annie up in a hug and spinning her around*

    *Ruby and Romeo watch on*

    Ruby: Casey seemed happy to see you

    *shows Annie smirking at the exit of the beach*


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