Carly Morris
Occupation Student
Residence Perth
Gender Female
Relationships Martin Dibble (attraction; her side)
Matt Wilson (ex-boyfriend)
Andrew Foley (ex-boyfriend)
Adam Cameron (ex-boyfriend)
Ben Lucini (husband)
Family George Morris (father)
Samantha Morris (twin sister)
Ben Lucini (husband)
Jordy Lucini (son)
Michael Lucini (son)
Philippa Lucini (daughter)
Ellen Morris (grandmother)
Antonio Lucini (father-in-law)
Gina Lucini (mother-in-law)
Francesca Lucini (sister-in-law)
First Appearance 17 January 1988
Last Appearance 3 April 2008
Portrayed by Sharyn Hodgson
Carly Lucini (nee Morris) is the estranged daughter of George Morris and the estranged identical twin sister of Samantha Morris.

She's the ex-girlfriend of Matt Wilson Andrew Foley and Adam Cameron. She's also the wife of Ben Lucini and the mother of their 3 kids, Jordy, Michael and Philippa Lucini.


Carly came from an abusive home. Her father, George used to beat her, and she had a tempestuous relationship with her twin sister Samantha.

Following the death of her mother from a problem with her appendix, she was placed in foster care with the Fletcher family and moves with them to Summer Bay in 1988, aged 16.

A problematic, selfish teenager, Carly is frequently in trouble at school, and she feuds with her foster sister Bobby Simpson, though they later patch up their differences and become close friends.

Carly attracts the attention of local boy Martin Dibble, but she rebuffs his advances preferring surfer Matt Wilson, though her attempts to attract his attention go unnoticed, and she nearly drownes when she set up a ploy for him to rescue her from the sea. Martin, luckily, is on hand to save Carly.[5]

Whilst hitch-hiking home from a party in 1988, Carly is raped. Unable to cope with what had happened to her, Carly begins drinking alcohol heavily and using drugs, but curtailed the problem via counseling.

Carly then returns to school to repeat Year 12 after failing her HSC but drops out early on to work at the Bayside Diner. Carly becomes involved with her former teacher, Andrew Foley but the relationship falls apart when he succumbs to alcoholism.

Carly later dates Adam Cameron but he later breaks up with her to be with Emma Jackson. Italian soldier, Ben Lucini arrives in Summer Bay and is instantly attracted to Carly, they quickly become engaged and marry within months.

Ben leaves the army and attempts a career as a farmer, but money is tight for the couple, leading to strain on the marriage. Carly then discovers she is pregnant, which Ben reacts badly to at first but comes round the idea.

After Ben is arrested by military police for desertion, the couple relocate to Perth. They depart in 1991 and later have three children.[5]

 Although Carly gives birth to a girl named Phillipa in the show, she is later retconned out of existence with Carly and Ben repeatedly being stated to have three sons.

Carly returns in 1997 for the wedding of Steven Matheson and Selina Roberts, which does not go ahead.

She returns three years later for Sally Fletcher non-wedding to Kieran Fletcher and then the next year to support Sally when she undergoes a hysterectomy.

In 2002, Summer Bay celebrates its 15th anniversary and Carly returns along with several other past residents.

Carly, Steven, Pippa and Floss McPhee return for Sally's tearful farewell concert at the school in 2008.[5]

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