Chelsea Campbell
Occupation Police Officer
Gender Female
Relationships Colby Thorne husband
First Appearance 18th September 2018
Portrayed by Ashleigh Brewer
Chelsea Campbell is another new police officer of Summer Bay and Colby Thorne's ex-fiancee. 


Chelsea studies to become a police officer and dates Colby Thorne, and they became engaged. But their relationship ended when she found out that he was once a gang member of the River Boys.


Chelsea is shown around the Summer Bay Caravan Park by Alf Stewart She attracts the attention of Dean Thompson, who makes romantic advances towards her, but she rejects him. Chelsea comes face to face with her former fiancé Colby Thorne at the Yabbie Creek Police Station and she informs him that she has been transferred, but Colby refuses to talk with her. Chelsea later arrests Dean for refusing to leave a property.

She and Colby talk about their break up due to his affiliation with the River Boys gang. Chelsea asks him if he still loves her, and gives him her engagement ring, but Colby asks her to leave the Bay. They later kiss, but Colby refuses to say whether he still has feelings for Chelsea. He later asks her to stop bringing up their past. Sergeant Phillip McCarthy learns Chelsea and Colby used to date. He tells them they will be working together and warns them that if they do not act professionally, then one of them will have to leave.

Chelsea learns that teens Raffy MorrisonRyder Jackson and Coco Astoni have gone missing. She and Colby follow Dean to an abandoned house and Chelsea crawls through a fallen tunnel to get to an injured Raffy. Colby admits that he was worried about Chelsea's safety and kisses her, but she leaves. She later kisses him back and they reconcile their relationship, agreeing to work through their issues together.


Chelsea has short blond hair with fair skin and blue eyes. She mostly wore the police uniform and simple casual clothes.


  • Chelsea's portrayer Ashleigh Brewer is a natural brunette and dyes her dark brown hair to blond for the role, as Chelsea has blond hair.