Cheryl Braxton
Occupation Employee at fish market
Residence Mangrove River
Gender Female
Relationships Danny Braxton


Johnny Barrett


Family Darryl Braxton (son)

Heath Braxton (son)

Casey Braxton (son)

Mackenzie Braxton (Stepdaughter)

Kyle Braxton (step-son)

Josh Barrett (step-son)

James Braxton (Nephew)

Darcy Callahan (granddaughter)

Rocco Scott-Braxton (Grandson)

Harley Braxton (Grandson)

Casey Sharpe Braxton (Grandson)

Ricky Sharpe (daughter-in-law)

Bianca Scott (daughter-in-law)

Denny Miller (daughter-in-law)

First Appearance 2 March 2011
Portrayed by Suzi Dougherty
 Cheryl Braxton is the mother of Darryl, Heath and Casey Braxton and the ex-wife of Danny Braxton. She's a strong-headed woman and loves her youngest son, Casey very much. She's friends with Irene Roberts and the stepmother of Kyle Braxton. She's very strict and defensive.

Relationship with Danny Braxton

Danny is Cheryl's abusive, estranged ex-husband. When her two sons, Darryl and Heath were kids, Danny cheated on Cheryl with another woman, leaving Cheryl to raise their sons on their own. When Danny was released from prison by Heath, he attempts to threaten Cheryl.

Relationship with Johnny Barrett

After Cheryl divorced Danny, she moved on and start a relationship with a man named Johnny Barrett and she became pregnant with his son, Casey. But Johnny stopped loving Cheryl and left her to raise Casey on her own with her other two sons, Darryl and Heath. She told Johnny's stepson, Andy Barrett that Johnny never loved Casey, as much as he had ever loved him and Josh.