Cheryl Braxton
Occupation Employee at fish market
Residence Mangrove River
Gender Female
Relationships Danny Braxton (ex-husband; deceased)
Johnny Barrett (lover; deceased)
Family Danny Braxton (ex-husband)
Darryl Braxton (son)
Heath Braxton (son)
Casey Braxton (son; deceased)
Kyle Braxton (stepson)
Darcy Callahan (granddaughter)
Rocco Scott-Braxton (grandson)
Harley Braxton (grandson)
Casey Braxton II (grandson)
Unnamed grandchild
Bianca Scott (daughter-in-law)
First Appearance 2 March 2011
Last Appearance 15 December 2016
Portrayed by Suzi Dougherty
 Cheryl Braxton is the mother of Darryl Braxton, Heath Braxton and Casey Braxton. She's also the stepmother of Kyle Braxton and the ex-wife of Danny Braxton.

She's Johnny Barrett's mistress and Bianca Scott's mother-in-law. She's also the grandmother of Harley Lockwood, Rocco Scott-Braxton, Casey Sharpe Braxton, Darcy Callahan and an unnamed grandchild. She's also close friends with Irene Roberts.

 Cheryl is a strong-headed woman who is overprotective of her sons, especially to Casey. She always has a fall out to the girlfriends of her sons, like Charlie Buckton, Ruby Buckton, her daughter-in-law, Bianca Scott and Tamara Kingsley.


Cheryl was happily in love with her then husband, Danny, however he's very abusive towards her and their sons. When Danny left Cheryl, she refuse to forgive or see him. During her trouble marriage to Danny, she made an affair with Danny's friend, Johnny Barrett, who was married as well and together they had a son named Casey. Cheryl made Danny believe that he's Casey's father.


She comes to the High School to talk with Gina Austin about Casey. Charlie Buckton later pulls Cheryl over for speeding. Cheryl kicks Casey out when he decides to stay in school instead of working with her.

She reappears for her son, Heath's marriage to Bianca Scott and in the aftermath, takes Darcy home. When Brax and his girlfriend Ricky Sharpe told the news that Casey was murdered, Cheryl became devastated and tells Brax that he had failed to look out for Casey, like he promise her to.

Cheryl attends to the funeral, where Irene Roberts accompanied her. In 2016, she reappears to help Heath and Bianca sort out their marriage.


  • Cheryl's portrayer, Suzi Dougherty previously starred on Home and Away as Bonita Cardillo in 2009.