Chloe Richards
Chloe richards haa
Gender Female
Portrayed by Kristy Wright

Chloe Richards (previously Fraser) was a fictional character on the Australian soap opera Home and Away. The character was played by actress Kristy Wright between 1995 and 1999, making a short return stint in 2005 when she died from the resulting injuries of a car crash.

Introduction and Drug Abuse

Chloe was first introduced as a classmate of Jack Wilson's, whom she teamed up with to work on a school project. The two then began a relationship but Chloe's racist father Max took an instant disliking to Jack, due to him being mixed race. When Max started being physically abusive towards Chloe, she ran away to Western Australia to stay with her estranged mother.

A disheartened Chloe returned to the Bay after her mother had turned her away. She was even more devastated when she learned her father had left and Jack had moved on from her and was now dating Sally Fletcher. With nowhere to go, Irene Roberts took Chloe in and became like a surrogate mother to her, even making it official by legally fostering her. Soon after, Chloe took off again, this time to search for her father who had moved away. When she came back, she had become hooked on drugs, but kept her addiction a secret from everybody.

Chloe was also falling behind in her education and was forced to repeat Year 11, Chloe was deeply unhappy about this but she found a friend in Curtis Reed, who was in the same position as Chloe, and after talking it over, the two decided knuckle down and support each other academically, they also began dating. After a while, Chloe's grades started to pick up again and she became a model student and teacher's pet to Principle Don Fisher.

Despite her change in attitude, Curtis knew there was something not right about Chloe, and she then admitted to him that she was using drugs, putting the blame on her mother. Still continuing to abuse drugs, Chloe often funded her habit by asking Irene for money, pretending to need it for textbooks and even lying that her study grant hadn't come through. Her secret was almost discovered when her teacher Steven Matheson found a stash of cocaine on the classroom floor, which Fisher assumed belonged to Chloe. Chloe denied that the coke was her's, but Curtis didn't believe her, and decided to break up with her.

The dealer who was supplying Chloe with the drugs turned out to be Joanne Brennan, the school secretary. Joanne then accused Chloe of dobbing her in and also reported Fisher for sexual harassment. Chloe confided in her foster sister Selina that she had been using and that Joanne made up the sexual harrasment story to try and hide what she was really up to. Both Chloe and Fisher were questioned by the police but Chloe decided at the last minute not to give evidence against Joanne as this would lead to her drug abuse being revealed and would make her eligible for arrest.

Chloe's secret was found out after Curtis spotted her buying drugs from Joanne outside the Surf Club. Irene was furious with Chloe, but no charges were brought against her and Chloe began to get over her addiction.

Summer Bay: 1996-1998

summer bay: 1996-1998

With her drug problem now behind her, Chloe was now getting her life back on track, and she also reconciled with Curtis. But Fisher warned Chloe that she was making a big mistake getting back together with him, as he claimed Curtis had a negative effect on her studies. Nevertheless, Chloe chose to listen to her heart rather than her Principle. When Fisher told her she could top the New South Wales HSC results in History, Chloe applied for a scholarship, but when she went to be interviewed by a college, she was rejected due to them finding out about her past substance abuse issues.

Both Chloe and Irene blamed Fisher for revealing Chloe's past to the college board, but Fisher claimed he did it to give her an honest start. Chloe was hesitant about completing her HSC, but with encouragement from Curtis, she eventually came around.

Then Jesse killed her by crashing into her car!

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