Coco Astoni
Occupation Student
Residence The Farmhouse
Gender Female
Relationships VJ Patterson (former crush)
Ryder Jackson ex(Boyfriend)
Family Ben Astoni (father)
Maggie Astoni (mother)
Ziggy Astoni (sister)
Marco Astoni (uncle)
Diana (maternal grandmother)
Richard (maternal grandfather)
Kate (maternal aunt)
Brody Morgan (brother-in-law)
First Appearance 21 July 2017
Last Appearance 29 Feburary 2019
Portrayed by Anna Cocquerel
Coco Astoni is Ben Astoni and Maggie Astoni's younger daughter and Ziggy Astoni's younger sister. She is also Diana Walford's younger granddaughter.

She is Raffy Morrison's best friend and VJ Patterson's former possible love interest and Ryder Jackson's former love interest and ex-girlfriend. She's also Brody Morgan's former sister-in-law.


Coco is suspended from school for cyber-bullying another student. When Ziggy and Coco fight, their father, Ben, puts Coco's phone in the garbage disposal and turns it on. Ben and his wife, Maggie, decide to get away from the city and the family ends up in Summer Bay. Coco befriends with Raffy Morrison. Ben and Maggie decide to move the family to the Bay. Coco meets VJ Patterson and Raffy tells him that she is her French tutor.

Coco plays along and VJ asks her out on a date. However, VJ's mother Leah Patterson-Baker interrupts their date and reveals that Coco is only 16. She leaves the restaurant and later apologises to VJ. On her first day at Summer Bay High, Coco is embarrassed when her mother calls her by her nickname "Coco Pops". Jennifer Dutton then teases her about it and Raffy attempts to stand up for Coco, who tells her to get lost.

Coco and Raffy make up when Coco offers to cover for Raffy, while she leaves the school. Jennifer continues bullying Coco and Raffy stands up for her. Coco gets suspended by her mother for the rest of the week along with Jennifer for getting into a fight at the beach. Coco later gets more and more worked up with stresses and develops an eating disorder, Bulimia. VJ almost finds out but then Jennifer helps her hide it and suddenly they are besties and Coco has to choose between Jennifer and Raffy. Later on VJ is giving Jennifer and her surfing lessons when she faints. This then happens again while on her run and she ends up in hospital as she falls down the stairs, luckily she is found by Robbo.

Raffy and Coco remend their friendship. Coco’s bullimia worsens and she told Leah, who convinced her to tell Ben and Maggie, but Coco refuses and begged Leah to keep it quiet from her parents, which Leah agrees to do. Coco later discovered that Ziggy is the one who vandalised their mother’s old school after she witnessed Ziggy apologising to Maggie, while she slept. Coco confronts Ziggy for the vandalism and Ziggy told Coco what happened that day.

Coco convince her to tell Ben and Maggie, but she refuses as it will tear the family apart. While working outside the farm house, Coco collapsed and suffers a seizure. Luckily, Ben and Maggie found her and took her to the hospital, where Ben and Maggie finally finds out that Coco has bullimia and was furious that Leah knew about it and didn’t tell them.

Coco later blames Ziggy for her condition and for their mum’s trauma four years ago. Coco later approached to Alf Stewart’s grandson Ryder Jackson, who became attracted to her and he invites her for a drink and they talked. Ryder asks for Coco's number where she gives him her fathers instead of her own. After numerous calls, Ben threatens Ryder and tells him to stop calling the number.

When Coco's grandmother Diana came to visit, Diana finds out about Coco's bulimia. Coco later cracks and told Diana everything that has happened since they moved to Summer Bay. Coco, Ryder and Raffy became best friends. Coco starts to like Ryder, but denies it. When Raffy and Coco organise a girl's night to see a movie at Raffy's house, Ryder decided to join them and they accept him to come. While picking a dress with Ben, Coco struggles to find the perfect dress, as she want to impress Ryder. When Ben asked her who is at the movie night, Coco replies it's Raffy and Ryder. Ben realised that Coco likes Ryder. Coco became upset and decided not to go, but with an encouragement from her father, Coco changed her mind and attends to the movie night, in a pretty dress. When she arrived, Ryder was fascinated how beautiful she looked. During the start of the movie, Ryder put both of his arms around Coco and Raffy.

Coco asked Raffy if she likes Ryder, who replies that Ryder is cool and asked Coco if she likes Ryder, but Coco denies it. When Coco saw Raffy putting her head on Ryder's shoulder, she became hurt and decided to leave. When she arrives home, she starts to binge again, but was caught by Maggie, who comforts a crying Coco in her arms. The next day, Coco reveals her bulimia to Raffy, who felt bad for not helping her. Coco tells her that she can't help. Raffy begs her to let her help, but Coco cracks and finally admits to Raffy that she likes Ryder. Later, Raffy told Coco that she told Ryder that they can't be an item and told Coco that Ryder is all hers, delighting Coco. When Coco held an event called Glow Day, she came to Ryder's house wakes up Ryder, who slept on the couch. Ryder cracks and yells at her to stay away from him. Shocked, Coco leaves his house in tears. At the Surf Club, Ryder gives Coco a blow kiss as she and Maggie walked passed him. Coco said her speech in front of everyone and was partnered up with Raffy during the event.

When Diana decided to stay in Summer Bay with the Astonis, Coco was happy, except for Ben, Maggie and Ziggy. Coco finds out that her family doesn't want Diana to stay and convince Diana to go home and decided to stay with her for a while. Diana agrees and she and Coco departs Summer Bay. During her stay, Coco thought about Ryder twice. A week later, Coco returns home with a new look and being a confident young woman. She catches up with Raffy and Ryder, who told her that they both found a dead body while she was gone. When Ryder announced that he was leaving to go back home to his mother, Coco and Raffy gives Ryder a hug before he looks at Coco one last time before leaving. Coco smiled before Raffy interrupts her and asked her if she still likes Ryder, Coco denies at first but admits it, telling Raffy that she thought about him twice. When Ryder came back, he announced to Coco and Raffy that he is staying in Summer Bay for good, but his mother will be returning to the city and invites them to his mother's farewell lunch.

They accept before he asked her and Raffy to help him find a farewell cake. When Coco and Raffy arrives, Ryder introduced the girls to his mother and Coco meets Ryder's mother Quinn Jackson, who assumes that Coco is Ryder's girlfriend. When Raffy leaves, Coco told Ryder that she was glad to meet his mother, and he replies that he is glad too. Ryder invites Raffy and Coco to the movies with Roo, but Coco declines his offer and returns home. Coco finds out that her parents found out what she has been doing while she was away on the papers and Coco confess that she has been protesting environment to the community. Coco becomes an eco-warrior and goes to war with Irene and Alf, making complains about using plastic straws at the Diner. Raffy and Ryder join forces with Coco and goes to war with Irene, Alf, Marilyn, Roo and Leah.

A week later, Coco gets followed by Ryder, unaware that he knew about her feelings for him, but Coco felt annoyed, as he tries to help her. Ziggy admits to Coco that Ryder likes her. That night, Ryder came to her house and apologise to Coco, before giving her a beautiful bouquet of paper flowers. He tried to confess his feelings to her, but he chickens out. Coco realise that Ryder does like her and blushes at the flowers that he gave her. Coco attends to Salt's relaunch party with her family and was shy when Raffy convince her to dance with Ryder, who was convinced by Roo. Raffy ask Ryder to ask Coco to dance with him already, which he did. Coco accepts by taking his hand and they slow waltz happily. That night, Coco helps Ben to find Maggie, who went for a walk and the two later finds her unconscious in shore. Ben tells Coco to call an ambulance and Coco later joins Ben, Ziggy and Ziggy's boyfriend Brody Morgan at the hospital. As Maggie was told to stay overnight, Ben stays with her and Brody offers Coco and Ziggy a ride home and Coco goes home with them.

When Maggie was sick, Coco was devastated and worried. Ryder cheers her up by playing a playlist of songs at school, which made her smile again. When Coco continues to worry for Maggie, Ryder thought she doesn't like him anymore. But Coco proves to him that she still does, by kissing him.

Coco ends up getting a marine biology scholarship in Cairns then farewells the bay to exiciting new opportunities


Coco has long brown hair and blue eyes. She wore shorts, shirts and dresses. She wears earrings, mostly studs. After her week away with her grandmother, Coco changed her looks by wearing dresses, long dangling earrings and having her hair down.


Ben Astoni - father

Maggie Astoni - mother

Ziggy Astoni - older sister

Diana - grandmother

VJ Patterson - friend, former crush

Raffy Morrison - best friend

Ryder Jackson - best friend, crush, love interest, ex-boyfriend

Jennifer Dutton - former bully, former enemy, friend



  • Coco is compared to Dani Sutherland.
  • Coco's portrayer, Anna Cocquerel looks similar to Marlo Kelly, who played Skye Peters on the show.
  • Anna Cocquerel and former Home and Away star, Darcey Wilson, who played Eloise Page, starred in Over the Hills and Far Away.
  • Her first kiss is with Ryder Jackson