Colby Thorne
Colby Thorne
Occupation Police officer
Residence Pier Flat
Gender Male
Relationships Jasmine Delaney (ex-girlfriend)
Chelsea Campbell (ex-wife)
Family Bella Nixon (half-sister)
Michelle (mother, deceased)
Ross (stepfather; deceased)
First Appearance 6 February 2018
Portrayed by Tim Franklin
Colby Thorne is the new police officer of Summer Bay and a former member of the River Boys. He came to Summer Bay to replace a late officer, Katarina Chapman. He is also Dean Thompson's former childhood best friend. He's Jasmine Delaney's ex-boyfriend and Chelsea Campbell's ex-husband.


Colby was a River Boy back from Mangrove River before he became a police officer. He joined a surf gang called the River Boys, led by the Braxtons. While growing up, he became close friends with another River Boy named Dean Thompson who is a few years younger than him.

Dean had looked up to Colby, but when Dean needed him the most, Colby bailed on him and literally betrayed him. Colby left his rebellious days behind and studied to become a police officer. He later met and date fellow cop Chelsea Campbell and they became engaged, but the relationship ended when Chelsea discovered that he used to be a bad boy.


Colby appears outside the Summer Bay Surf Club and helps Mason Morgan fight off the River Boys, Taz and Bluey. He is arrested but he reveals himself to be the Bay’s new police officer. That night, at the Diner, he meets Leah Patterson-Baker, Marilyn Chambers and Irene Roberts. On his first day at work, Colby helps Jasmine Delaney who reports him about her obsessed stalker.

Colby's actor, Tim Franklin.

Colby taken both investigations on Jasmine’s stalker and the search for Beckett Reid, who was involved in Katarina Chapman’s death. Colby meets Kat’s ex-boyfriend, Martin Ashford showing him Kat’s necklace and Ash knew it belongs to Kat. Ash tries to ask Colby where he found the necklace but Colby refuse to tell him, Ash grabs his arm, but Justin Morgan stops him. Ash chase after Colby and kept asking him to tell him, but Colby refuses. Ash lost his temper and went too far, forcing Colby to arrest him.

Colby interrogates Justin at the hospital, who crashed his car in a high speed. Colby then gets slapped by Willow Harris, who Colby knew from his past. Colby later helps Mason and his brother Brody Morgan to rescue Roo Stewart and her father Alf Stewart, who are trapped down a sinkhole at Summer Bay High. Colby then arrest Dean Thompson, who recognises him. It was later revealed that Colby is a former River Boy and Dean's former friend.


Colby has light brown-blond hair, light skin and blue eyes. He is very tall and muscular. He typically weares baggy T-shirts and baggy jeans. He also often weares his police uniform, and has a Blood & Sand tattoo on his right chest, and another on the left side of his back - the same tattoos as former River Boy, Heath Braxton's.


Jasmine Delaney

Jasmine will be Colby’s new love interest. They first met at the police station on Colby’s first day at work in Summer Bay and he helps Jasmine, who reports him about her obsessed stalker. Colby promised Jasmine that he’ll take care of her stalker and will keep her safe. Jasmine thanked him for his help.

Dean Thompson

Dean and Colby were childhood best friends back from Mangrove River when Colby was a River Boy. Dean looked up to him, but when Dean needed him, Colby bailed him and literally betrays him. This ended their friendship. The two meet again at Summer Bay when Colby became a police officer and Dean couldn't believe that Colby became a cop.


  • Colby’s portrayer, Tim Franklin previously starred on Home and Away as Azza Mason in 2015.