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Derrek Quaid is a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Home and Away, portrayed by John Atkinson.


Derrek is first seen watching the arrival of Geoff Campbell and Nicole Franklin to the Island where they first connected with each other. He then spies on them as they have a great time before suddenly appearing in front of Geoff. He admitted to being a killer which terrified Geoff and Nicole. He held the young couple hostage, throwing their walkie into the sea. When they tried to escape he ran after Geoff with a knife, Geoff crept up behind him and the knife landed in his leg. Nicole told Geoff not to go back to see if he was okay. Instead they stayed next to his camp on the island. After escaping from the island, Derrek was later seen in the bay phoning an unknown person. There are rumours that this was in fact Hugo Austin, and it is part of a year-long mystery storyline. Derrek was later this year seen fighting Hugo Austin after Hugo received a death threat. Not long after this Derrek gets violent with the illegal immigrant for some reason. o

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