Drew Curtis
Drew Curtis
Occupation Student
Residence Sydney
Gender Male
Relationships Belle Taylor (ex-girlfriend/stepsister; deceased)
Amanda Vale (ex-mistress/stepmother)
Lisa Duffy (ex-girlfriend; deceased)
Family Peter Baker (father)
Jazz Curtis (mother)
Kevin Freeman (stepfather)
Amanda Vale (stepmother)
Belle Taylor (stepsister; deceased)
Bree Freeman (stepsister)
Essie Freeman (stepsister)
Kevin Baker (grandfather)
Noelene Baker (grandmother)
Dan Baker (uncle; deceased)
Ryan Baker (cousin/stepbrother)
First Appearance 7 July 2006
Last Appearance 21 March 2008
Portrayed by Bob Morley

Andrew "Drew" Curtis is the son of Peter Baker and Jazz Curtis. He's the stepson of Kevin Freeman and Amanda Vale. He's also the stepbrother to Bree Freeman, Essie Freeman, including his ex-girlfriend and Amanda's daughter, Belle Taylor.

He's the nephew of Dan Baker and the cousin and stepbrother of Dan and Amanda's son, Ryan Baker.


Drew comes to Summer Bay when he learns of his father Peter Baker death. He leaves boarding school to attend the memorial.

His uncle, Dan Baker is surprised, but allows Drew to stay with him and his wife, Leah Patterson-Baker. Drew develops feelings for Belle. Although Dan is against this, Drew and Belle begin dating.

But Drew breaks up with Belle after he falls for her mother, Amanda. Although, after her relationship with Lucas Holden, Drew and Belle are reunited as a couple. Drew briefly breaks up with Belle again when he discovers that she knew about Amanda's affair with Peter.

After all the events that have occurred, Drew decides to leave Summer Bay. On his way out of town, a masked man drags Drew out of his car and drives him to an abandoned building. The mystery captor is his father, Peter.

The mystery of Peter's fake death is revealed during the kidnapping. He explains to Drew that he was in witness protection from Dennis Gillen and Drew decides that he wanted to get to know his father.

When Dennis and his men show up at the building, Peter tells Drew to run and get help, but Drew hears a gunshot and he breaks down crying. But Peter is not dead and Drew's relationship with his father grows.

Drew breaks up with Belle and decides to leave Summer Bay and go to the city. Jazz Curtis, Drew's mother, who arrived to buy Amanda's house, and Ric Dalby go to the city to persuade him to come back, but fail. He lives with Amanda and Peter in the city.