Episode 5108 of Home and Away.


Constable Avery is listening to a phone call from Colleen Smart, who is hiding behind a bush about a man near a bonfire, naked and tells Charlie Buckton about it and they go down and see it is Angelo. Asking where his clothes are, he refuses to answer and says it is all over. As Avery tries to give him a blanket, Angelo punches him and Charlie holds him down as Avery handcuffs him and covers him up and they walk him to the car. In the station, Avery puts Angelo in a holding cell for the night and he is concerned. 24 hours ago, Angelo is sitting at the Diner, talking with an IA agent, who is trying to save his career, but the arrest of corrupt Detective Eaves think there is more corruption. He tried to warn Angelo that this will all happen when he wrote the confession and he is going to meet the DBP. Until the whole thing is resolved, Angelo can't go back to work. Charlie tells the officers that the case has been dropped thanks to Angelo's statement. (to be written more)


Angelo's Fate

  • The corruption case against Yabbie Creek Police is dropped.
  • Angelo resigns from the police to make sure he doesn't go to jail.
  • Angelo burns his police uniform.
  • Angelo is arrested after attacking his old colleague while drunk.
  • Charlie is promoted to Angelo's old position.