Evelyn MacGuire
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Occupation Student (2013-15)
University student (2016-present)
Residence Farmhouse (2013-15, 2016-17)
6 James Street (2013, 2015)
Summer Bay House (2015-16)
Vietnam (2017-present)
Gender Female
Relationships Matt Page (husband)
Josh Barrett (Ex-fiance)
Tank Snelgrove (Ex-boyfriend)
Spencer Harrington (Former husband-to-be/Kissed)
Mason Morgan (Slept with)
Family Ethan MacGuire (father) [deceased]
Sarah Wilson(mother) [deceased]
Zac MacGuire (uncle)
Hannah Wilson (aunt) [deceased]
Denny Miller (half-sister) [deceased]
Oscar MacGuire (twin brother) [deceased]
Leah Patterson-Baker (Step-Aunt)
VJ Patterson (Step cousin)
Eloise Page (sister-in-law)
First Appearance 3 September 2013
Last Appearance 24 May 2017
Portrayed by Philippa Northeast

Evelyn "Evie" MacGuire is the daughter Ethan MacGuire and Sarah Wilson. She's the twin sister of Oscar MacGuire and the younger half-sister of Denny Miller.

She's also the niece of Zac MacGuire and Hannah Wilson. She's the ex-girlfriend of Tank Snelgrove and the ex-fiancee of Josh Barrett. She's the wife of Matt Page.


After her mother, Sarah Wilson died from cancer when she was fifteen, she feels it's her responsibility to look after Oscar and their father, Ethan.


Evie and Oscar was first seen at a camp cult which their father, Ethan got them involved. They reunite with their uncle and Ethan's brother, Zac, who they haven't seen for a long time. The twins hardly recognized him, but remembered that he used to coach them for soccer. Evie and Oscar are almost turning sixteen and she found out that Zac been trying to help her aunt Hannah Wilson to get them out of camp. Evie gets angry and refuses to leave.

Oscar gets beatened by Murray Granger, the leader of the cult for calling Zac. Zac, Darryl, Heath and Kyle Braxton comes to rescue them from Murray and Ethan. Evie thought Zac and the Braxtons are trying to kidnap her. Heath picks her up and puts her into the car with Oscar. Zac takes them to a hotel, where Hannah was staying and reunite with Hannah. Oscar was delighted to see Hannah, but Evie disgraces her.

She threatened Hannah that she cannot replace their mother. Evie was desperate to return to her father and attacks Zac with a vase. She says goodbye to Oscar and leaves the Bay.She was seen walking until she asked a car for a ride back. But was shocking that the driver was Kyle. She runs off, but Kyle caught her and tries to take her back to the Bay. She bit him in the arm, but Kyle just took her back anyway.

Kyle sends Evie to his house and Ricky Sharpe tries to help Evie.Ricky organised a camp for Evie and Zac to come and spend two nights with them in the forest. On the day of Evie's birthday, she returns to the Bay and found out that Murray's in town, trying to take the twins back. But Oscar refuses to leave and Evie decided to stay. While they were having cake, Evie used Zac's phone to call the cops to bring her back to camp.

Evie has dinner at Angelo's with her family, until the cops came to collect Evie. She tells Zac and Hannah that she cannot leave Ethan alone and has chosen to stay with him. She tells Zac and Hannah to take care of Oscar for her and leaves with the cops. She then returns to the Bay to visit Oscar, with Murray and soon returns to the camp. Evie then meets Spencer Harrington who was ill with his condition. Spencer said that he's a friend of Oscar's and Evie asked Spencer to give the letter to Oscar for her.

Evie became friends with Spencer and showed him the camp. Evie meets Spencer's brother, Chris and Spencer's girlfriend, Sasha Bezmel, who were both worried for Spencer, choosing a dangerous cult, Chris gave Evie his phone for emergency. Evie watched as Spencer turned away from his brother and girlfriend. Sasha told Evie to look after Spencer for her. Evie was selected to attend to the annual Discovery Weekend, a function that happens for the cult every year, Evie asked one of the girls from the cult, Freya Lund about the Discovery Weekend, who tells her that it's awful and begs Evie not to go there.. Evie and Spencer attends to the Discovery Weekend and everyone there wore white. Evie and Spencer wore white too and they both realized that it a wedding ceremony and that Evie must marry Spencer.

Spencer refuses to marry Evie and ends up beatened by Murray. That night, Evie sneaks out and found a beated Spencer in a shed and said that she had recorded a video of Murray attacking him and helped him to get him back home to Summer Bay. Evie tries to call for help, but found out that the battery is dead and slept in the middle of the forest. That morning, Spencer coughed up blood and she runs to the road and a car was driving. She calls out and the car stopped and it was Ethan, but Evie was terrified when she saw Murray is in the car too. She runs to retrieve Spencer, and she cries in Ethan's arms.

Evie and Spencer were about to be taken back, until Zac's voice called out, Evie cries for help as Zac and Hannah runs to save them. Murray tries to take Evie hostage, but she bit him in the arm and ran into Hannah's arms. Ethan tells Zac and Hannah to get Spencer help, but Evie stays with him. But Evie tries to reason her father that Murray is not who he thinks he is and that he hurted Spencer and what will he do when she goes back. Evie was no longer the part of the cult as she chose to be with Zac and Hannah. Evie returns to the bay, talking Spencer to the hospital, and reunite with Oscar.

Evie tells her family that Murray was forcing her and Spencer to get married and handed the phone to Sergeant Mike Emerson, who later arrested Murray and Ethan. Evie and Oscar returns to the cult, where it was now quiet. They return to their old house to get their mother's belongings. Evie get use to living with Zac and Hannah and soon call Summer Bay her home. Evie lives at Leah Patterson's house, where Hannah and Oscar were currently staying. One morning, Evie was surprised that Ethan turned up to Leah's house. Ethan said that he was discharged from prison and is here to bring Evie and Oscar back. Hannah tells him that he's not good enough to look after the twins, Evie comes into his defense and tells Hannah to back off.

Oscar refuses to forgive his father for what he did and chose to stay with Zac and Hannah. Evie said she'll stay wherever Oscar wants to stay. Sasha moved out of her farmhouse, after her family moved away from the Bay and left the farmhouse to rent. Evie and Oscar knew it's time for her and Oscar to move into a house with Zac and Hannah and tells them that they should move into the farm. They rent the house and Evie attends to Summer Bay High with Oscar. Evie meets Oscar's friends, Maddy Osborne and Josh Barrett. Evie develops a crush on Mangrove River student and Oscar's rival, Matt Page, who began to woo on Evie. Oscar tells Evie not to be with Matt, but she refuses to listen.

Evie was invited to a beach party by Matt, but was jealous when she thought Maddy had stole Matt from her. She and Oscar goes to a music festival where Kyle and his ex-girlfriend, Phoebe Nicholson performed. Evie was angry at Matt and tells him to go and woo on Maddy. Maddy tells Evie that she doesn't have any feelings for Matt and Evie reconciles to Matt. Evie and Oscar meets up with their father, who was at the festival and Evie and Oscar gets kidnapped by their father and his henchmen. Kyle runs to save them but was knocked out and was taken with the twins. The twins and Kyle gets locked into a shipping container and was trapped overnight. Kyle and the twins becomes hot and weak as they try to find a way out.

They were soon rescued by Zac, Hannah, Kyle's stepbrother, Casey and Kyle's ex-girlfriend, Tamara Kingsley. They get a drink of water before returning home. That morning, Evie found out from Zac and Hannah that Ethan died from a bomb explosion at the hospital when he came to see Hannah. Evie struggles to cope her father's death and was angry when she and Oscar saw Hannah and Zac kissing. Hannah and Zac said it's just a kiss. Oscar believe it too, but Evie wasn't fooled, knowing that Zac and Hannah has feelings for each other. Evie silent her phone and gets comfort from Matt. Matt and Evie kisses, as Oscar tries to attack Matt. Evie attends to Jett James' party at Irene Roberts' house with Matt, until Zac found her and took her home. Evie then stopped taking interests on Matt when he starts dating Sasha.

Evie attends to Ethan's funeral and an uninvited guest was shown at his funeral. Evie witnessed Zac hugging a girl and was angry at him for finding a new girlfriend. But Zac said that the girl that she saw with him is Denny Miller, Ethan's other daughter and half-sister of Evie and Oscar. Oscar wanted to meet Denny, while Evie refuses and instantly dislikes her when Denny wanted to meet her at the Diner and at the house. With Evie's rude behaviour towards Denny, makes her wants to leave the Bay. Oscar told Evie that she's so rude and cold-blooded to Denny. The school counsellor, Leah Patterson-Baker, tells Evie that it's OK to have another sister from another family. After a talk with Leah, Evie gets the chance to get to know Denny and gets along with her. Evie asked Denny to live with the family and she accepts. Evie and Oscar noticed Zac didn't come home last night and found Tamara taking him home the next morning, and realized that Zac's been drinking after the break-up with Hannah.

During a school day, Evie began to spend time with Spencer, which mistakens Zac and Hannah, who thought Spencer and Evie are dating. On the same day, Evie saw Heath punching Zac for sleeping with his wife, Bianca Scott. Terrified, Evie stopped Heath, which he did. Evie was furious at Zac for not telling the family about his affair and told him to tell Hannah, but Zac tells her to shut up in front of everyone in the school and that it's none of her business. Embarrassed and upset, Evie lefts the school and returns home and told Hannah everything. Evie refuses to return to school, and Hannah accepts her to skip school for the rest of the day. Zac came home and tries to take Evie back to school, but Hannah tells him to leave her alone. Evie found out that Tamara was ran over by a car and was left for dead, and found out that Oscar was the one, who hit Tamara,while he tried to drive Zac home with Zac's car, since he was heavy-drunk.

Evie tells Oscar to keep it secret from Zac and Hannah, and Zac thought he ran over Tamara. Oscar was tired of lying and told Zac and Hannah the truth. Evie was angry at Sasha for writing and publishing her short article about Tamara's accident and Oscar was charged. Evie was angry at Josh was talking about Oscar and snaps at him. She apologizes and he forgives her. Spencer asked her out to Maddy's party and said no. Denny encourages her to go and she accepts. Evie and Spencer talked and danced at the party and Evie began to argue with Sasha, but was yelled by Matt. Spencer defends her, but Evie returned home. Spencer tries to cheer her up with chocolate, but Evie said she wasn't funny. She thanked him for tonight and they kissed,

Evie tells Spencer that she likes him, but she liked someone else. Spencer discovers that Josh is the one that Evie has a crush on. Josh and Evie became close and more closer. When Maddy pushed Josh away when Roo was sick in hospital, he spends time with Evie at the farm and rode on a horse and unexpectedly kissed. They kissed again at the bus stop, which Marilyn Chambers witnessed. Weeks later, Josh turns out at Evie's house after he was bashed up by Andy's drug dealers. Josh told Maddy about his affair with Evie and Maddy breaks up with Josh and ends her friendship with Evie. Josh then confesses his love to Evie and wants to start a relationship with her. Evie says yes and kisses him. Evie was involved in a love triangle between Josh and Maddy, as Maddy tries to win Josh back. Josh and Evie were kidnapped by Andy's drug dealers and was kept hostage at the Farmhouse through the night and was rescued by Andy and Brax.

Josh asked Evie to be his date for the Year 12 Formal and she accepts, but was upset when he didn't come, unaware that Josh was kidnapped by Jake Pirovic. Spencer tells Evie that Josh is an idiot if he hurts her and they almost kissed until Josh called Evie, who told her that Denny's boyfriend and Josh's half-brother, Casey was shot and died and tries to comfort Denny. Evie attends Casey's funeral and at the beach, Josh confessed to Evie that he cheated on her with Maddy. Evie slaps Maddy at the wake and was angry at her for using Casey's death to get Josh back. Spencer asked Evie if she's going to break up with Josh, and Evie says yes and Spencer said if she wants to talk to someone, he'll always be there for her. Spencer mentioned about their near kiss at the formal and confess his love with Evie, but she tells him that their near moment at the formal was a mistake, but Spencer disagrees. But Evie rejects him anyway, telling him that she'll never love him that way or be his girlfriend.

Evie dumps Josh for sleeping with Maddy. At a school art excursion Evie talked to the art tour guide Callum, and grew jealous. He told Callum that Evie is 16 and he had no right to woo on her or other high school girls. Evie was angry at Josh and realised that he was jealous and Evie reminded him that he was the one who cheated on her in the first place. That night, Josh apologized to Evie and gave her a beautiful sketch of herself, and she said it's beautiful. Josh asked Evie out, and she said asked is he asking her out on a date, and he denies it, saying he's asking her as a friend. Evie accepts and said that it could be a date. The two share a passionate kiss, but Evie pulls away and leaves. Josh and Evie talked the next day and he told her that he has planned something for her. That afternoon, Josh showed her a romantic gesture that he and Kyle did. He apologized to her once again for hurting her and promised that he'll put her first. Evie finally forgives Josh and they got back together, but broke up again when Maddy was pregnant with Josh's baby. But Maddy lied about her pregnancy as the scans got it wrong, since there was no baby. Evie was angry at Maddy's behaviour and called Josh stupid.

Josh realised that he still loves Evie and they got back together and plans to go on their first date. But on their date, Josh dumps her, without reasons, the reason he broke up with her, because Maddy has cancer, Evie attends to Phoebe's music launch at the city and goes there with Hannah, Denny, Sasha, Leah, Ricky and Kyle by bus. Josh realised he made a mistake for dumping Evie and chase after her with Brax. But the bus flipped when Nate's wife, Sophie drove insane in Nate's car, while he was driving, causing the bus to flip. Evie survived and wasn't hurt, and stayed by Hannah, who was injured from the back with a metal rod. At the hospital, Josh apologize to Evie and they two got back together. Evie was hurt when Denny told her that Hannah might not have a chance to walk again. Matt and Josh tries to cheer her up, but fails and made romantic mural for her on the wall of the Surfclub. Everyone adores it, but not for John and Chris, who plans to wash it off. Evie and Josh found out John and Chris' plan from John's foster son, Jett and the trio race to the mural to stop them and Evie tells John and Chris that the mural comes down over her dead body and protect the mural with her body, Josh joins her and so does Jett.

The trio invites their friends from school for help them protect the mural and John's wife, Marilyn joins them too. That night, John brings new cop, Katarina Chapman to give Evie a warning, but Kat tells John that Evie and the kids aren't breaking the law, and there's nothing that she can do. The next morning, Alf tells them to give up and they did. Evie was upset that she didn't talk a photo and Josh shows her the one he did after painting it. After Sasha left the Bay, Evie comforts her boyfriend, Matt. when he starts drinking have a limit and returns to his old ways, Matt kisses Evie, but she pushes away, but was shocked when Matt accidently reveals it to Josh. Evie continues to try and be there for Matt, as he continues going downhill. Evie was happy when Zac got engaged to Leah. But Evie found out that Hannah cheated on Andy with her ex, Sean Gleeson and tries to convince Hannah to tell Andy. Hannah slaps Evie, causing her to leave the house and move in with Leah. Oscar joins Evie since Hannah's behaviour got worse. Leah's house was set on fire and Evie, Oscar, Zac, Leah, VJ and Matt moved to Alf's house. At Zac and Leah's engagement party, Evie and her family found out that Zac has a son named Hunter King with his ex, Charlotte King. Evie was upset when Zac and Leah decided to split, Matt VJ Oscar and Evie all worked together to try and get Leah and Zac back together . which happened at Angelos when Ed Sheeran was singing. Denny left the Bay to go to Europe and Evie says her goodbyes. But was able to stay in touch by typing messages on the computer/laptop. Months later, Evie found out that Josh has been using drugs to help him study and she breaks up with him. Evie quickly moved on from Josh and start dating newcomer, Tank Snelgrove.

Everyone tries to warn her, but Evie refuse to listen. Evie changed her looks to match Tank's styles and had sex with Tank without using protection. Tank gets an E tattoo under his right arm and Evie gets a T tattoo on her right front side of her waist. Evie runs away with Tank, but realised that she is kidnapped by him. He locks her in a shed and Evie used Tank's phone to send a map of her whereabouts to Josh. Evie fights Tank back by hitting him in the groin and runs as fast as she could. Josh found her and brings to back. Evie was devastated when Josh was in hospital after being coward punch by Tank and Andy lashes at her. Tank tries to take Evie with him, but she refuses and confronts him for hurting Josh. Tank told the story of how he witnessed his mother being murdered. Tank was arrested and Andy tells Evie that there's nothing that the doctors couldn't do and decided to switch of his life-support machine.

Evie says goodbye to Josh and watch as he was prepare to die, but Andy stopped when he witnessed Josh's fingers moving.Andy and Evie continue watching over Josh hoping to never leave him alone but both realise it becomes too much of a strain when Evie collapses. Josh woke up, but was unable to talk, Evie steps in to look after him. Josh wrote a message to Evie in paper saying "Your fault", blaming her for his situation. Evie tries to be there for him, but Josh slaps her, and pushes her away, realising that he hates her. Evie and her family found out from Kat that Denny died and didn't make it to Europe, because she was dead. Josh finally forgives Evie and apologise for her loss. Evie attends Zac and Leah's wedding and was one of Leah's bridesmaids. Evie watched as Charlotte interrupt the wedding ceremony and threaten to reveal the whole town's secrets. At the reception, Kat and her police squad interrupt the ceremony and asked for Charlotte and revealed to everyone that Charlotte is Denny's killer and Evie was angry at Charlotte and realised that the person that she keep in touch of Denny's account, wasn't Denny, but Charlotte.

At Angelo's Evie gets comfort from Andy and unexpectedly kissed him. But Evie realised she made a huge mistake. In 2016, Evie found out that Charlotte was murdered and Evie became a suspect on her murder. She was also happy when Josh regained his eyesight and they get resumes their friendship, but went bad when Josh found out about Evie and Andy's kiss on Andy's text on her phone. Josh plans to leave the Bay for good, but Andy moved out. Evie was upset when Josh hanged out with Louisa O'Brien and told Oscar that she still loves Josh and Oscar became protective of Evie from Josh. Evie finds a lump in her breast and was scared that she might get breast cancer, just like her mother did. Evie didn't tell Josh or Oscar, but told Leah, who told Zac and Hannah. Josh tries to apologise to Evie for hurting her, but Evie pushes him away. After testing the result, it's cleared that Evie doesn't have breast cancer. or the cancer gene

Evie checks on her university school and Josh asked her out and she says yes. at the uni party Evie tells Matt and Maddy who are constantly fighting which is annoying everyone to stop, Josh tells a dressed up evie that she's amazing and the two share a kiss and reconcile their realationship, Evelyn along with Oscar do their best to be there for Hannah after discovering she has in fact inherited the cancer gene, Evie and the family were upset when Zac was arrested for Charlotte's murder, but was not guilty. on a night out at Angelos Josh brings up plans about moving in together and having children one day, which surprises Evie. Evie goes on a trip to the city with Josh and decided to take Maddy and Matt with them. A sheep thinks they need a break from all the drama in Summer Bay after everything that happened with it Matt sex tape, That night at the city, Josh proposed to Evie and she accepts and they were engaged. They told Matt and Maddy about their engagement and returns home to tell Zac and Leah, but Evie was shocked when Zac told her and Josh that Tank is back in town and was in prison with Zac. Evie confronts Tank at the hospital. And eventually agrees with Zac that Tank is safest out of jail which Angus just a great deal. Evie and Josh plans their engagement party at the Surfclub and invite their friends. Evie told Oscar about her engagement and he was happy for her. Evie told Zac and Leah, and they were not pleased. Evie found out that Tank has been seeing her friend, Skye Peters when she brings him to her engagement party and was scared that Skye will fall for the same situation.

Evelyn was involved in the caravan explosion during a hospital fundraiser event, Evelyn survived with Josh, Chris, Phoebe, Ricky, Nate, Maddy, Matt, Zac, Hannah and Leah. But that night, Oscar was missing and Josh told Evie that Oscar had died during the explosion. A heartbroken, devastated Evie was completely heartbroken that she lost her twin and went to the hospital to see him for the last time. Evie also found out that Hannah died later that day from her injuries from the caravan explosion and at the funeral, Evie and Zac say goodbye to Oscar and Hannah, Evelyn breaksdown as sees her brother get lowered into the ground. Hunter told her and Zac that Tank was the one who caused the explosion. After the wake, Evie tells Josh that she wants to get married the next day and they agree to marry in secret. But Zac and Leah stopped the ceremony after Alf found a marriage website on the computer and Evie was upset at Zac and Leah for ruining the ceremony. Zac tells her that she's been stressed since Oscar and Hannah died and Evie realised that she has been stressed and agrees to wait for marriage.

Evie tells Josh that she always wanted Oscar to walk her to the aisle on their wedding day. Josh tells her that Oscar is still with her. Few days later, Skye told Evie that Tank didn't kill Oscar and Hannah, but Andy did. In a rage Evie attacks Andy and tells him that she hates him. Evie and Josh are surprised to hear that Maddy and Matt have decide to leave the bay for good Evie confides in Josh admitting that she doesn't wanna lose two of her best friend wishes them the best but in the end only Maddy leaves. After discovering that Andy was the one responsible for the caravan explosion, Evie was angry at Josh for forgiving Andy and to say sorry Evie does a romantic gesture for him which leads to, Josh revealing to Evie that he's Charlotte's killer and she was angry at him for keeping it secret, not saying anything and leting their friends be blamed and Zac arrested . Evie and Josh went to the police station to confess, but Andy was there and admit to the police that he killed Charlotte and was arrested.

Evie befriended with newcomer Mason Morgan, when Josh lashed at him in the diner for drawing devil horns on Andy's photo on the newspaper and Evie apologize to Mason and tells him that Andy is Josh's brother. When Josh lashes and scared Evie, Matt as a good at Josh while Mason comforts her. Evie realised that Kat wants to arrest Josh, but fearing to lose him, Evie threatened Kat. Josh tells Evie that they can't get married anymore since the police will not stop. Evie agrees and they end their engagement. Evie was upset when she saw a poster of diamond rings, including the one that been circled, as her choice of engagement ring. Mason comforts her and his ex-girlfriend, Lara Adams mistook Evie as Mason's new girlfriend, after she saw Mason hugging Evie.

After the break up with josh and him being arrested Matt does his best to be there for Evie, Matt convinces Josh to see Evie, Evie sees Josh for the last time and they talked about their first kiss during their horse riding adventure they had two years ago and had one last kiss. When Josh was about to sent to prison, he hits the guard and escape with Andy. At the beach, Evie receives her very last text from Josh, telling her that he's sorry,and that he'll always love her Later Evie is visited by Matt she show him the texted and explains to him that it'll be the last time she'll never hear from him, Matt promises to punch Josh in the face next time he's around for doing this to her causing her to smile for a second but starts crying when she tells matt that everyone she love disappears Matt hugs her as she cries, telling her that she still has him Leah and Zac and that they are not going anywhere.

Evelyn receives news that she has inherited Hannah's life insurance Evie decided to use Hannah's money for good use it for hosting a charity sleep out at Summer Bay High. Zac and Phoebe joins her to help and Olivia, VJ, Hunter and Jordan Walsh participate the event. While collecting sandwiches at the diner, Evie struggles to carry two trays and almost dropped one of the tray of sandwiches until Mason came to her rescue, helping Evie carry the other tray of sandwiches.

When Phoebe called Evie that she cannot make it to the sleep out event due to her gig, Mason steps into Phoebe's place and collect soft drinks at Salt (formerly called Angelo's). That evening, with everyone settled in, Evie and Mason sat outside of the room and Evie thanked Mason for his help and he unexpectedly kissed her. Evie however didn't kiss him back and was shocked after the kiss. Mason began to avoid Evie through the event and the next day, Evie confronts Mason at the beach and Mason apologised to Evie for kissing her the other night, but Evie said that the kiss meant nothing. The pair decided to let it go and resume their relationship as friends.

Evie invites Matt and Mason to a university party and they agrees to attend. Before leaving the house, Evie sees photo of her with Zac, Leah, Oscar and VJ at Zac and Leah's engagement party and was hurt by this. Evie meets Mason's dog, Buddy and bonds with him. At the party, Evie becomes drunk and start partying. Matt trys his best to slow her down but he needs to lighten up Mason stays behind to look out for Evie while Matt takes off. Mason had enough and takes her to his house, where Evie drunkly tells Buddy that she loves him and Mason's older brother, Brody Morgan laughed at her. As Mason settles her on the couch, she tries to kiss him, but he pulls away, telling her that they are just friends. She thanked him for looking out for her and she passed out. The next day, Evie woke up with Buddy slurping her foot, grossing her out and making Brody laugh. when been promising to look after one of Zac saturday school detention TV shows up hangover which does not impress him

A week later, Evie continues to party and coming home late. She refuses to listen to her family and friends and wouldn't listen to Matt or Mason. When discovering that she is still partying hard, Matt asks Mason to talk to her, Mason came to her place to try to talk her out and the two argue, but Alf stopped them. Evie snaps at Alf and mentioned about his late wife, Ailsa Stewart. That night, Evie apologised with Alf and Mason about her behaviour and they forgave her. Evie tells Mason that she'll help him with his uni studies and he agrees. At his place, Mason tells her that he cares about her a lot, they share a kiss and slept together. Evie was upset and leaves Mason's room, realising how much she missed Josh. That night, Mason finds her on the couch and asked her what was wrong.

Evie tells Mason that when she slept with him, he reminded her of Josh. Mason understands and the two agree to stay as friends. The next day, Mason's sister Tori Morgan sees Evie in Mason's shirt and Evie tells Tori that she and Mason watched a movie last night and slept on the couch. Tori said that it's OK and Evie leaves and Tori thinks that Evie is Mason's new girlfriend, but he said to Tori that he and Evie are just friends. Later, Evie helps Mason sorting out paper files from uni at her place, but the two shares another kiss and slept again. The two decided not to start a relationship, but become friends with benefits. Evie was invited by Mason to go on a plane trip with their family and friends to celebrate Tori's birthday. Evie accepts and flew with Mason, Tori, Brody, Nate, Leah, Irene, VJ's girlfriend, Billie ashford and Alf's son, Duncan Stewart, piloting the plane. During the flight, Evie began to feel tired and passed out, and so those everyone else and the plane crashes in the middle of the desert.

Evie survived through the crash and everyone was alive. But when Brody was missing, Tori, Nate and Duncan went to find him, while Evie stayed behind with Mason, Irene, Billie and Leah. Evie helps Billie as she feels cramps while being pregnant. Evie kicks the sand to get rid of the bonfire as the petrol of the plane leaks and with Leah and Billie trapped inside the plane. Irene witnessed Evie kicking the fire, and screams out her name. Mason pushes her aside before the explosion. Evie survived without an injury, while Mason suffered a severe burn on his left arm. Evie and her group were found and rescued first and Evie stayed by Mason's side at the hospital. She told Mason that someone was watching and protecting her when the plane crash and assumed it was Oscar. Mason doesn't believe her, since he believes she just imagined Oscar was there. Marilyn refuse to believe it as she is a fortune teller, angerng Evie. Evie tries to prove everyone, including Mason that she isn't crazy, but trying to put herself in danger, so Oscar will be there to protect her.

Evie tries to put herself in danger by driving high speed, putting her and Mason's lives at risk. Scared for his life, Mason stopped the car by pulling the emergency brake, and the car stopped, almost crash into a tree. Evie was furious at Mason for foiling her plan and tells him to stay away from her. At the beach, Evie tries to put her life in danger once again, by drowning herself in the ocean in full clothing, hoping that she'll prove everyone to believe her that she was be saved by Oscar from drowning. But Evie's life was in real danger as she was taken far away from shore. Evie almost died from drowning, until Chris came to the rescue and saved her in a nick of time. Chris asked her why she was in the ocean. Evie denies to Chris that she was just having a swim. But Chris wasn't fooled by this, and said that she just swam in her clothes. Evie gave up and admit the truth to Chris. Evie realised that Mason was right all along, it was just an imagination, Oscar was never there to protect her. Chris comforts Evie as she says goodbye to Oscar at his grave and finally lets him go.

That night, Mason came to see Evie and she apologised to him for her behaviour and told him that he was right all along, Oscar was never there to protect her. Evie said to Mason that she should have listened to him and thanked him for saving her life and the two friends shares a hug. A week later, Evie meets Mason by the beach and they head out to the ocean for a swim. Zac offers Evie a part-time job at Summer Bay High as a teacher's ad and Evie accepts. After that, they drove Mason's new car to the Summer Bay Auto, but it was closed, since Matt hasn't arrived yet, who send a text to Mason that he'll be at the Auto in half an hour. Evie and Mason started to make out in the car, until Matt arrives. Zac asked Evie to tutor Matt's younger teenage sister, Elly, who struggles at school. Elly refuses Evie's help and advices and leaves. That day, Matt confronts Evie for walking out on Elly, who said to him that she didn't walk away from Elly. Mason tells Matt to back off, which annoys Evie, and told him that he's sounds like Josh, her ex-fiance.

Elly told Evie that she lied to Matt about her walking away on her (Elly) and apologized to her, and Evie forgives Elly and Elly accepts Evie's help on her studies. Elly tells Evie that one day she'll be lucky to be Matt's girlfriend, but Evie tells Elly that she sees Matt like a brother. After tutoring Elly, Mason tells Evie that he's falling in love with her and wants to have a real relationship with her. But Evie turned him down, told him that she doesn't feel the same way upsetting him and one night, Mason came to Evie's house and tells her that he wants more than just a casual relationship, but Evie still refuses to have a relationship with Mason and he tells her that he can't hook up with her anymore, saying they can't be friends with benefits no more.

Evie and Matt soon falls in love and start a relationship. Evie decided to leave Summer Bay to go to Vietnam and asked Matt and his sister, Eloise to come with her. Matt agrees, but Elly refuses, but changed her mind. Evie proposes to Matt and he accepts. A week later, on her wedding day, Zac gave Evie and Matt her deceased parents, Ethan and Sarah's wedding rings and Evie and Matt gets married at the farm surrounded by family and friends. The next day, Evie, Matt and Elly says goodbye to Summer Bay and left for Vietnam. Two months later, Zac FaceTime Evie on the computer and Zac talked about his marriage with Leah is officially over and that they're divorced and he feels that Summer Bay isn't his home anymore and Evie makes an offer to Zac to come and live in Vietnam with her, Matt and Elly. Zac accepts her offer and departed Summer Bay, and moves in Vietnam with Evie.


Evelyn has long dark brown straight hair and blue eyes. She has pale skin with freckles on her cheeks and nose. In 2013, she wore tomboy clothes, like pants, t-shirts and ugg boots or sneakers. But in 2014, she began to wear dresses, shorts and skirts and has her ears pierced. In late 2015, she changed her straight hair into wavy and gets a T tattoo on her right front side of her waist. In April 2016, she removed the tattoo and in mid 2016 her hair was straight again and her hair started to go lighter.



Ethan MacGuire - father

Sarah MacGuire - mother

Zac MacGuire - uncle

Hannah Wilson - Aunt

Oscar MacGuire - twin brother

Denny Miller - half-sister

Hunter King - cousin

Leah Patterson-Baker - Aunt

VJ Patterson - Friend/Step Cousin

Matt Page - Husband

Eloise Page - sister-in-law


Sasha Bezmel - Best friend

Maddy Osborne - Best friend, Former rival

Casey Braxton - Friend

Martin Ashford - Friend

Brody Morgan - Close Friend

Justin Morgan - Friend

Ricky Sharpe - Friend

Katarina Chapman - Close Friend/Roommate

Phoebe Nicholson - Best Friend/Roommate

Darryl Braxton - Friend, Protector figure

Andy Barrett - Friend/Rival, kissed

Love Interests

Matt Page - Husband

Spencer Harrington - former husband-to-be, kissed

Josh Barrett - ex-fiancé

Tank Snelgrove - Ex-boyfriend, Enemy

Mason Morgan - Best friends, slept with



  • Evelyn and Matt had major crushes on each other when they first met and were each others first kiss which happened in episode 5893
  • All of Evie's family members are deceased, except for her uncle, Zac and cousin, Hunter. First, her mother, Sarah died from cancer, then, her father, Ethan died from a bomb explosion, her half-sister Denny was killed by Charlotte King, her twin brother Oscar died after being crushed from a caravan explosion and her aunt, Hannah died from a head injury from the caravan explosion a day later after Oscar died.
  • Evelyn was engaged to Josh, he ended their engagement.
  • Evelyn has been though a lot of major traumatic events though out the show A plane crush, Bus crush An explosion and kidnapped at least 4 times
  • Evie is currently tutoring Matts sister Ellie
  • Evie is doing uni studding to become a teacher
  • Evie broke up with Josh 5 times, first was when Josh cheated on her with Maddy, second was when Maddy was "pregnant" with Josh's baby, third was when Maddy had cancer, forth was when Josh used drugs and fifth was Josh was about to go to prison for Charlotte's murder.
  • After Josh leaves the bay. Evie started a friends with benefits relationship with Mason Morgan
  • On Instagram, it's confirmed that Evie will soon be dating Matt, after a photo of them kissing and hugging in each other's arms. They officially became a couple in episode 6569