Harry Holden
Residence Boston
Gender Male
Family Tony Holden (father)
Rachel Armstrong (mother)
Jack Holden (half-brother; deceased)
Lucas Holden (half-brother)
Robert Armstrong (grandfather)
Elaine Armstrong (grandmother; deceased)
Gina Austin (aunt; deceased)
Tamsyn Armstrong (aunt)
Brad Armstrong (uncle)
Hugo Austin (cousin)
Brendan Austin (cousin)
Xavier Austin (cousin)
First Appearance 24 July 2009
Last Appearance 11 August 2010
Portrayed by Hendrix Lovelace (2009–10)
Hendrix Green (2009–10)
Matthew Lewis (2009)
Caden Paul (2009)
James Mathur (2009)
Max Gauzzarotto (2009)
Keaton Ducas (2009)
Henry Fredrick (2010)
Luella Thomkins (2010)
Kayla Parry (2010)
Harry Holden is the son of Tony Holden and Rachel Armstrong. He's the younger half-brother of Jack Holden and Lucas Holden.

He's the grandson of Robert Armstrong and Elaine Armstrong. He's also the younger nephew of Gina Austin, Brad Armstrong and Tamsym Armstrong and the younger cousin of Hugo Austin, Brendan Austin and Xavier Austin.


After his birth, his mother Rachel Armstrong finds it hard to cope. Harry does not stop crying and cannot get into a routine. She pushes everyone away to try and bond with him.

When she cannot cope with his crying she contemplates smothering Harry. She decides to get help. After Jane Avent blames Rachel for the still birth of her baby she argues that Rachel should not have a child of her own.

She steals Harry and a police search is conducted. Jane's husband Rex is shocked to learn she has in fact kidnapped Harry after defending her. The police find Harry safe and well and return him to Rachel and Tony.

In August 2010, Harry moved to Boston in the United States with his parents, briefly stopping at his half-brother Jack Holden's grave to say goodbye as they left.

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