Harvey Ryan
Harvey Ryan
Occupation Fishing Charterer
Residence Summer Bay House
Relationships Roo Stewart (Ex-wife, 2012 - ?)
Melissa Gregg (Ex-wife)
Family Ben Ryan
Lottie Ryan
Byron Fisher
Jean Chambers
First Appearance 10 August 2011
Last Appearance 27 February 2014
Portrayed by Marcus Graham

Harvey Ryan made his first appearance on 10 August 2011 and is portrayed by Marcus Graham. The character left the show on 27 February 2014.


Harvey Ryan is described as being the "expert on all things sailing and boating in Summer Bay." He was brought up in Summer Bay and runs a local fishing charter. Of Harvey, the official Home and Away website explained, "Harvey is a big fish in a small pond and more than capable of winning a woman over with his smile, his easy charm and his blokey boatie ways."


When Romeo Smith's boat is trashed, he believes Harvey is behind it. He also learns Harvey has stolen some of his clients and has obviously copied his business ideas. Romeo reports Harvey to the police, but Elijah Johnson clears Harvey of the crime when he finds the real culprit. Romeo apologises, but Harvey informs him that he has just complained to the council about Romeo's lack of permit for his mooring. Romeo and his partner, Alf, are forced to move their boat, when the council tell them in legal terms, their mooring did not officially exist. Harvey tells Romeo that he is next in line to take over the mooring. However, when he checks it out, he finds it gone. Harvey later confronts Romeo with a story about Alf and the mooring in the paper. Roo Stewart invites three investors to look at the new resort site. Due to an impending storm, Alf stops Romeo from using the Blaxland, but Harvey agrees to take them all out in his boat in the hope of winning the marina contract. The bad weather causes Harvey's boat to sink and Romeo and Alf are forced to save Roo, Harvey and the investors. Romeo finds Harvey, who is injured and manages to get him to the hospital. Harvey asks Alf if they could go into business together as he has the mooring and Alf has the boat. Alf persuades Romeo to agree to the deal. Harvey and Roo go on a date, but Roo leaves early. Harvey asks her out again and they go out to dinner. Romeo gets fed up of Harvey neglecting his jobs an confronts him. Harvery tells Romeo he will pull his weight, but he later tells Alf that Romeo skipped his chores. alf that romeo skipped his chores. Romeo believes Harvey is trying to get the marina contract behind his back when Harvey reveals he is thinking about getting his own boat. Roo begins avoiding Harvey and he thinks she is still in love with Sid Walker. However, Roo denies this and kisses Harvey. Harvey empties a can of petrol on the Blaxland and blames Romeo for it in front of Alf. Harvey later offers to buy the Blaxland from Alf. Roo confronts Harvey about using her to get the Blaxland and she breaks up with him. Harvey and Roo realise that they still have feelings for each other and get back together. Harvey runs for a position on the council against Alf and wins. He shuts down the proposed resort and John Palmer starts to suspect him of being corrupt. Roo and Harvey briefly break up again, but reconcile. Harvey's ex-wife Melissa arrives in the Bay with their daughter, Lottie. Harvey contracts food poisoning and while he is in the hospital, Mel visits him and asks to stay at his house. When Harvey is reunited with Lottie, she gives him a cold reception due to his absence. Harvey then tells Roo about Mel and Lottie and she initially gives him the silent treatment as he did not tell her straight away. A week later Roo tells him that she wants to meet Lottie and they go on a picnic. John comes to Harvey and Roo with questions about a newly proposed Eco Park and warns them that he is going to the Council. Harvey is later seen arguing with the Mayor. warns them that he is going to the council. Harvey is later seen arguing with the mayor. John tells the press that Harvey rigged the council elections and Harvey resigns from the council. He is also punched by a member of the public and Mel treats him. She admits that she is still struggling to deal with their young son, Ben's death. Harvey admits that he was aware of the Mayor's vote rigging scam and has to go to court. Roo convinces him to let her aunt, Morag, represent him and when he pleads guilty, he is given community service and a fine. Harvey then realises he has to sell his house to pay the fine. Harvey and Lottie move into Summer Bay House with Roo, while Mel goes to a clinic in the city to help her deal with Ben's death. When Harvey returns from visiting her, he reveals that she wants Lottie to join her in the city. He breaks the new to Lottie and she decides that she wants to stay in the Bay. Mel does not take the news well and she and Harvey begin a custody battle. Mel threatens to reveal that Harvey was drunk when Ben fell off their boat and died, so Harvey tells Lottie and Roo himself. Lottie eventually decides that Mel needs her and they leave. Harvey proposes to Roo and she accepts. Roo's ex-boyfriend Tim Graham arrives in Summer Bay intending to get Roo back. Tim and Roo share a kiss, causing Harvey to fight with Tim. When Harvey thinks that Roo has chosen Tim, he goes to the city to see Lottie and ends up having a one-night stand with Mel. Roo later finds out and the pair fight, but they eventually reconcile. Harvey and Roo begin planning their wedding and Roo invites Winston Markman to be Harvey's best man. be Harvey' s best man. After being lost at sea for some time Harvey returns to the bay a "changed man". After not being able to open up to Roo and after Roo decides that she can't leave Summer Bay, the two get a family to get together and finally celebrate