Jade Montgomery is a teacher from Mangrove River High and joined the show in 2013. The character is portrayed by Tasma Walton.

Early Life

Jade Montgomery graduated Uni with the belief that she was about to embark on a career that would change the world. She had always had a passion for teaching, seeing this noble profession as a way to shape the hearts and minds of future generations. But her first posting, at Mangrove River High.

Summer Bay

Montgomery is transported to Summer Bay with some of her students to Summer Bay High after taking up a position teaching under Bianca Scott. Jealous and frustrated about being assistant principal, Montgomery attmpted to get Matt Page, one of Mangrove River's students to do jobs for her, but after he caused a small fire on her orders, he stops and manages to stop her from hitting him.

2013 Season Final

In the lead up to the season final, Jade slaps Heath at the Diner, but before it went further, Chris stops the argument and she files a complaint, claiming Heath hit her, but Tamara saw Heath at the time of the alleged assault, he was cleared and Montgomery was fired. Angry at losing her job as well, Jade plants a bomb into Bianca's Laptop bag, hoping it will set off at the school, but she left it at the Diner, where Irene later gives it to Heath. It later explodes in the hospital while Heath and Bianca were there for Ricky.

Exposure and Arrest

Coming back, she claims a Mangrove River kid might have used the bomb, but she never realised the bomb went off at the hospital, killing Ethan MacGuire. Heath later grabs her, trying to frame Matt and shows her the remains of the hospital and while Andy and Heath argue about what to do, she escapes, but is stopped by Leah and she is soon arrested for the murder of Ethan MacGuire and days later, Ricky suffered a miscarridge.