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Jai Fernandez
Occupation Former student
Residence Summer Bay House
Gender Male
Relationships Annie Campbell (wife)
Portrayed by Jordan Rodrigues

Jai Fernandez is a character in Home and Away and has had a harsh time in the bay. He is good friends to Ruby Buckton and Melody Jones and he is dating Annie Campbell. Although he was hanging out with Axel he has a kind heart and tries to be friendly with other people.

First seen in episode 4641. Last seen in episode 4968. Was on the show from 2008 to 2009.


Jai Fernandez moves to the bay to reconnect with Miles after the Boxing Day tsunami.

Jai Fernandez moved to Summer Bay after having a complete turnaround in his life. His adored family died in Phuket, leaving him unscathed on the outside and tortured on the inside. Miles Copeland was his only friend during this vulnerable time, but as Miles began to break down from his own problems, he scarred Jai even more leaving him feeling abandoned and in a darker place than before. As time moved on, Jai only reinforced his emotional apathy and now considers the world a cruel heartless place. His computer is his best friend, since people only let you down.

Jai is an instant misfit in the Bay, as his demeanour sets him apart from the crowd, from his old school walkman to his less than apathetic take on fashion, but these are not expressions of individuality, rather as indifference. He was moved from foster home to foster home, school to school, gradually spending more time in youth group homes than with families and has sunk into himself, barely communicating with the outside world by the time he reaches Summer Bay. Though Jai developed an unusually fluid friendship with Annie.

He is now married to Annie Campbell and a father to her baby. he now Is back as another actor and new job Gym teacher he even teachss Gym at Summer bay High