Jasmine Delaney
Occupation Nurse
Residence Beach House
Gender Female
Relationships Colby Thorne (kissed; slept with)
Mason Morgan (one-side attraction; his side)
David (ex-boyfriend; obsessed stalker)
Robbo Shaw (late husband)
Family Robbo Shaw (husband)
Ian Shaw (father-in-law)
Wendy Shaw (mother-in-law)
Daniel Shaw (brother-in-law)
Sarah Shaw (sister-in-law)
First Appearance 18 December 2017
Portrayed by Sam Frost
Jasmine "Jazzy" Delaney is the woman who accidentally killed police officer Katarina Chapman in a car crash.

She's the ex-girlfriend Colby Thorne and the widow of Robbo Shaw.

She's also the best friend of Olivia Fraser Richards, Willow Harris and Tori Morgan.


When Jasmine recently moved to Sydney, she decided to go on online dating and had a few bad dates for a while, until she met a guy named David, who became obsessed with her and taking things to fast, causing Jasmine getting into fear. David tries to text and call her non stop. One night, David came to her house, drunk and tries to grab her. But Jasmine manage to escape and drove off. Not knowing where is is going, she arrives to Summer Bay.


Jasmine crashes her car, containing Katarina Chapman and Beckett Reid. She’s is knocked unconscious and is taken to the local hospital. She remained in a coma and Tori Morgan stayed by her side.

Jasmine wakes up in fear and fled. She was found by Leah Patterson-Baker who takes her in. Jasmine told Leah everything about her obsessed and abusive boyfriend, David and Leah helps her report David to the police.

Senior Constable Colby Thorne helps her, giving her his number for emergencies and promise her that he’ll take care of her stalker. Leah offers Jasmine a caravan for her to stay and Jasmine accepts the offer.

When David continues to text Jasmine with a threat, Leah and Jasmine shows the text to Colby, who asked her to send it him as it's evidence.

Jasmine and Robbo develop a friendship and one day Robbo confesses to Jasmine that he has feelings for her. Jasmine rejects him but soon feels bad about it.

After a couple of days Jasmine realises she has feelings for Robbo, but finds out that he is doing IVF with Tori. She confesses to Robbo that she has feelings for him, but she is rejected as Robbo tells her that he has made a commitment to Tori and can't possibly start a relationship.

A few days later Robbo tells Jasmine that he wants to start a relationship with her and still do IVF with Tori. Jasmine then goes on to him about how complicated he's made things, Robbo then kisses her.

Robbo proposes to Jasmine and she accepts.


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