Jennifer Dutton
Occupation Student
Gender Female
Relationships VJ Patterson (crush)
Hunter King (ex-boyfriend)
Mason Morgan (flirted with, kissed)
Family Nick Dutton (father)
Mrs Dutton (mother)
First Appearance 27 July 2017
Last Appearance 21 March 2018
Portrayed by Brittany Santariga

Jennifer "Jenny" Dutton is a student from Summer Bay High and the daughter of Nick Dutton. She is Coco Astoni and Raffy Morrison's bully at school. She is also Hunter King's new love interest and girlfriend.


Jennifer teases Coco Astoni after her mother and school principal, Maggie Astoni, calls her by her embarrassing nickname, "Coco Pops" on her first day. Jennifer tells Coco that Maggie gave her detention and Coco pushes her books to the floor, before VJ Patterson breaks up the confrontation. Jennifer puts rubbish in Coco's locker and teases her about her social media photos. Raffy Morrison stands up to Jennifer on Coco's behalf, calling her "Jenny" as she knows she hates it.

Jennifer insults Coco's appearance and weight. Coco starts a fight with Jennifer, which is broken up by Maggie. She suspends them both and Jennifer's father Nick collects her from school. Jennifer realises Coco has an eating disorder and threatens to reveal it, unless Coco gets her a date with VJ. Coco agrees and Coco starts to hang out with Jennifer, which caused a strain in her friendship with Raffy. Jennifer later has surfing lessons with VJ and Coco. Jennifer helps Coco after she faints on the beach. During Olivia Fraser Richards' fashion line launch party at Salt, Jennifer makes Raffy drink alcohol, causing her to get drunk. The next day, Raffy confronts Jennifer for getting her drunk and Raffy pushes Jennifer, which Maggie witnessed and send Raffy to her office.

Jennifer participates Summer Bay's Glow Day at the Surf Club, hosted by Coco, where she partnered up with Coco's crush, Ryder Jackson, who made Jennifer fall and sprained her wrist. Jennifer later flirts with Raffy's brother, Mason Morgan. At the gym, Jennifer takes advantages of Mason and kisses him, which Hunter King witnessed, after he walks in on them. But Mason pulls away as he's still not over his late girlfriend Beth Ellis . Jennifer apologise to Mason. Hunter helps and comforts Jennifer. Jennifer attends to Salt's relaunch party and overheard that Hunter's girlfriend Olivia Fraser Richards had reject his proposal and helps him to text her to talk. Hunter later comes to Jennifer after his relationship with Olivia has ended for good. The next day, Jennifer saw Hunter's car and saw him in there, listening to loud music. Jennifer tries to talk to him and understood how to have his heartbroken, even though she's never been in a relationship.

Jennifer noticed that Hunter has been drinking loads of beer and tries to talk to him, but he ignores him and drove off, which worries her. Jennifer calls Mason to help her reason with Hunter. Jennifer and Mason takes a hangover Hunter to the Diner and Jennifer kept an eye on him as Mason goes to get coffee for Hunter. Jennifer soon became Coco, Raffy and Ryder's friend and when school starts for Jennifer, she ditches the group to find Hunter, after he found out that his now ex-girlfriend Olivia cheated on him with Axel Boyd. Jennifer gave Hunter a bacon and egg roll - his fave and they talked about Olivia. Jennifer and Hunter goes to the diner and Leah Patterson-Baker gives them both a slice of cake on the house. As Jennifer was about to go to school to get her books, Hunter offers her a ride and she accepts, as the two about to depart, they bump into Olivia, Hunter tells her to meet him at his car and she said okay. Jennifer then gives Olivia an death stare before walking out.


Jennifer has long straight blond hair and blue eyes with pale skin. She wore shirts, pants, shorts, crop tops or dresses. She has her hair tied into a bun, ponytail, braid or out. She also wore silver dangly hoop earrings.


Nick Dutton - father

Coco Astoni - enemy, frenemy

Raffy Morrison - enemy

Ryder Jackson - possible enemy

Hunter King - friend, boyfriend

Mason Morgan - crush, kissed

VJ Patterson - crush