Jett Palmer
Occupation Student
Residence 33 Saxon Avenue
Gender Male
Relationships Tilda Hogan (one-sided crush by her)
  • Olivia Fraser (disco dance partner)
  • Nina Bailey (ex-girlfriend)
  • Indi Walker) (one-sided crush by him)
  • Skye Peters (ex-girlfriend)
Family * Richard Bozic (Father)
First Appearance 7 May 2012
Portrayed by Will McDonald

Jett Palmer is the son of John Palmer The character is portrayed by Will McDonald. He's the youngest student of Summer Bay High.


While at the beach, Jett steals a tourist's wallet. John Palmer tries to catch him, but Jett outruns him. Jett later steals VJ Patterson's shirt and hits him. When he starts attending Summer Bay High, principal Gina Austin punishes him for bullying. Jett asks Heath Braxton for some drugs and steals money from Colleen Smart. Jett is questioned by the police and Gina tries to get him to open up to her. Jett steals Indigo Walker's wallet, but she decides not to press charges. Gina tries to visit Jett and his mother at home, but Jett refuses to let her in. When Marilyn Chambers is mugged, Gina's son Xavier, is convinced Jett did it. Jett later admits that Xavier is right. Gina tries to see Jett's mother, but he claims that she is in the hospital. Gina then invites him to stay with her family and makes him to apologies to Marilyn. Gina later takes Jett's house keys and discovers his mother has died. Jett had been keeping her death a secret and he is sent to live with a foster family. When he runs away, Gina takes him in.

After his mother's funeral, Jett acts out and pushes Gina. He runs away, but returns to apologize. Jett is bullied by Jayden Post and during a fight with him, Jett drops a photo of his mother with a man, who he believes is his father. Xavier learns that the man is Richard Bozic and Gina goes to speak with him, only to learn that Richard does not want to meet Jett. Angered at Richard's rejection, Jett smashes Richard's garden up. Richard then meets with Jett. Gina and John decide to foster Jett on a permanent basis, but Richard decides that he wants his son to live with him. Jett leaves with Richard, but returns weeks later. Jett bonds with VJ and they train for the surf carnival. When he learns John kissed Marilyn, Jett calls Marilyn a marriage wrecker. When VJ and his mother suddenly leave town, Jamie Sharpe questions Jett about where they have gone. Jamie steals Jett's phone and John advises Jett to stay away from him. Indi reassures Jett that VJ will return and Jett develops a crush on her.

Indi babysits Jett, which delights him, until her husband, Romeo, turn up. Jett rubs lipstick on Romeo's shirt collar, hoping to cause trouble, but Romeo quickly realises what he has done. Jett tricks John and Gina into going out for the night and asks Indi to babysit. He then steals Romeo's wallet and locks him in a shed. Jett's plan to be alone with Indi is ruined when he has to go to the Walker's. Jett sends Indi a text from Romeo's phone, telling her that Romeo is in the pub, which makes her suspicious. Shortly afterwards, Gina, John and Romeo arrive to confront Jett. Realising that Romeo was injured, he apologises. Tilda Hogan begins bullying Jett. She hits him and forces him to complete assignments for her. Jett gets his own back by writing an essay for her, in which she admits to bullying Jett because she has a crush on him.

Gina and John decide to adopt Jett. Richard flies in and tells them that he does not want to give up on his son. This angers Jett and he accuses Richard of not wanting anyone else to have him. Richard relents and a court date is set to make the adoption official. To celebrate, they family decide to go on holiday afterwards. During the trip, Gina suddenly stops the car, falls unconscious and dies, leaving Jett and John devastated. Jett was angry when his one of his teachers, Bianca Scott becomes principal of Summer Bay High and gives Jett Gina's photo of him with Gina and John but Jett snatches the photo away telling Bianca to get out, confessing that the office still belings to Gina. But John tells him to let it go. Jett begins dating Nina Bailey, a girl he met at the school disco. Jett is happy when VJ returns and they begin catching up. Jett introduces VJ to Nina, but they reveal that they hate each other as VJ believes Nina stole a Pokémon card he owned in primary school. When VJ asks Jett to choose between him and Nina, Jett chooses Nina.

In 2014, Jet is still grieving the death of Gina who was the principal of Summer Bay High so he decides to join the school committee. He doesn't want anyone to forget about Gina so he organizes a fund raiser, at which Kyle Braxton performs, to help build a fund for a memorial for Gina. The fundraiser is a success and Jett starts to design the memorial. Jett was asked by Leah to look after Bianca's stepdaughter, Darcy Callahan on her first day at Summer Bay High. Unknowning that Darcy develops a crush on him, she bullies a Year 10 girl who works with Jett on a school assignment. John was shocked when Jett told him that he never celebrates his birthday before and John and Marilyn surprises him with a birthday meal with all of his favourite food. John also gave Jett an old boat called Diana, which was one belonged to Alf.

Jett goes to a school camp for a week and return back home with a gift for John. But Bianca tells John that Jett stole a lot of money from someone and spend it on an expensive gift. John punished Jett from having fun, even John forced him to work at Maddy Osborne's dance party. Alf surprises Jett with his boat fully repaired, but was warned that the boat might not be ready yet. Jett tests it out and took the boat out by himself, but realized water flooded the whole boat. Jett struggles to swim shore and almost drowned. Alf and John tries to rescue him with a boat, but a motor takes long to start, Darryl Braxton came to Jett's rescue, diving into the water and swam towards him. John finally forgives Jett for what he has done and the two reconcile.

A few months later, Jett meets Darcy again and discovered that she has a crush on him, convincing her that they can't be together, making her upset. Darcy's father, Heath Braxton gets angry at Jett for hurting Darcy and Jett admit to Heath and John about Darcy's crush on him, and that he doesn't want to date her, because he's still in a relationship with Nina. John asked Jett to be his bestman for his wedding day and was shocked when Marilyn asked John's daughter Shandi Palmer to the wedding, but John tells Marilyn that he hasn't told Jett about Shandi existing. Jett sees Shandi taking a dislike to Marilyn and confronts her not to ruin John relationship with Marilyn, but Shandi keeps pushing Marilyn away from John, causing the two couples to postpone the wedding.

Jett was shocked and devastated when John told him that Casey died on the night of the Year 12 Formal, after getting shot while saving his half-brother, Josh. Jett struggles to cope Casey's death and he and Sasha embrace. Jett learnt about the postpone from Shandi and the two siblings work together to make John and Marilyn to change their minds about postponing the wedding. Jett convinces John to change his mind about cancelling the wedding and tells him that what he wants, so does Marilyn and Shandi. And also for Casey's sake. John and Marilyn said the wedding is back on, which delights Jett.

The days before John and Marilyn's wedding, John injured his back at his buck's night party and Marilyn postpones the wedding, but changes her mind. Jett says to speech to John and Marilyn and asked them to adopt him and they accepted. Jett worries about VJ who is bullied and harassed by another student after Matt Page filmed VJ's mother, Leah and Zac MacGuire kissing, and showed it to VJ and the other students. Jett finds VJ missing and tells Leah. Jett takes Leah and Zac to the last place where he seen VJ and found a book that belongs to him. After hours of searching, VJ was not found and Jett blames himself for leaving VJ on his own, but Leah said it's not his fault. Jett was happy that VJ returns safely by Nate and Brax.

Jett then calls John "dad" which delights him, but Jett struggles to see Marilyn as his mum. When Jett asked John if he could go to Phoebe Nicholson's music gig, John said no. Jett tries to comfort VJ, when Leah in a coma after a bus crash. VJ and Jett goes on a wild ride on John's go-cart from the beach to the caravan park. Jett accidently drove the go-cart into a tent, but luckily no one was hurt. Roo and Alf were angry, including John. John pays new cop, Katarina Chapman to talk to Jett. John says "Busted", which upsets Jett. Marilyn made John apologize to Jett, which he did. Jett was unhappy when John made a decision to move out since the Braxtons always have problems. Jett and Marilyn refuses to leave. When VJ lashes at everyone, he also lashes at Jett. Jett sees Josh Barrett made a romantic mural for his girlfriend, Evie MacGuire on the Summer Bay Surfclub's wall and sees it as art and love.

Chris and John sees it as graffiti and attempts to get rid of it. Jett races to the school to warn Josh and Evie. The three ran and stopped John and Chris. Evie place herself onto the mural, stating that the mural goes down over her dead body, Josh joins her, placing himself onto the middle of the mural. Then Jett joins them, placing himself on the end of the mural. Many students join them to protect the mural and they stayed overnight. Jett was unbelievable when John brought Katarina to the mural, but Katarina there's nothing she can do to help them. Alf tells them they can't stay forever and they gave up, letting John to clean the wall.