Josh Barrett
Occupation Student
Residence Prison
Gender Male
Relationships Evelyn MacGuire


Maddy Osborne


Louisa O'Brien

(kissed, hook up)

Unnamed girlfriend

Family Johnny Barrett


Debbie Barrett


Cheryl Braxton


Casey Braxton


Andy Barrett


Darryl Braxton


Heath Braxton


Scott Barrett


First Appearance 27 August 2013
Last Appearance 5 July 2016
Portrayed by Jackson Gallagher

Joshua "Josh" Barrett is Andy Barrett's younger half-brother and also Casey Braxton's half-brother. He is the former love interest and ex-boyfriend of Maddy Osborne and Evelyn McGuire. Josh is a troubled man but has a heart of gold.


Josh shows up on the beach where Heath Braxton and Bianca Scott. He and Maddy Osborne flirt, but are interrupted by Casey Braxton who to take Maddy home. Casey and Josh fight, before Casey and Maddy leave. Josh and his brother Andy follow Casey and Maddy's car and run them off the road, causing them to crash. Casey is seriously injured, but Maddy forgives Josh and they begin dating. Josh leaves home and Maddy hides him in her bedroom, but Alf and Roo Stewart find them and throw Josh out. Maddy decides to join Josh and they spend the night in Mangrove River High School. Josh gets a call who tells him that Darryl Braxton confessed to killing Josh Barrett's father, Johnny. Andy decides to get revenge on Brax. As Brax comes out of court, Andy realises that the gun he was going to use is missing. Debbie then appears with the gun and fires towards Brax, but accidentally hits Josh.

When Josh finds out that the Braxton's were responsible for his father's death, they keep their distance. Josh is found by Brax when he is off to collect his father's ashes and is offered a lift to the Morgue because his brother Andy Barrett did not wish to come with him. Where Brax later steals a ripped photos of Casey to show his mother Cheryl confesses that they are Johnny's kids meaning, Casey andy and Josh are brothers.

As Josh found out the truth, he then confronted Casey about, Casey did not accept it and asked Josh to leave. Josh then wanted to concentrate on his studies for the school exams, even when Maddy ask him to attend to her dance party. Josh then became close to Evelyn MacGuire, even when Maddy pushes him away when Roo was in the hospital. Josh spend at the farm when Evelyn, riding on a getaway horse. They soon share a kiss and they were spotted by Marilyn Chambers. Marilyn and John Palmer confronts him and Josh tells Evelyn that he can't tell Maddy about their kiss and tells Evelyn that they must stay away from each other for a while.

Spencer and Chris Harrington discovered marijuana under the Barretts' caravan, which shocks Josh and asks Evelyn to help him find Andy. Evelyn tells Josh she cannot hide their kiss from Maddy anymore and the two embrace, unknowing that Spencer witness them, hugging, which Spencer thinks that Josh and Evelyn are now a couple.

Josh was then bashed up at the caravan park and came to Evelyn for help and stayed for the night at her house. Maddy was angry at Josh for not returning her calls and coming to Evelyn instead of her. Josh then confess to Maddy about his kiss with Evelyn, which causes him and Maddy to break up. Josh confess his love with Evelyn, saying he wants to be with her. But Evelyn worries that she and Josh are doing the wrong thing, but Josh stops her words with a kiss and he and Evelyn began a relationship.

When Evelyn and Josh as a couple, Casey offers Josh to stay at his house to keep him safe from the caravan park until it's sorted. Josh accepts the offer and stays with the Braxtons. Josh gets annoyed when Maddy humiliated Evelyn in class and defends Evelyn from Maddy. Andy tells Josh to skip school for a few days and ask him to lay low, but Josh refuses. Evelyn began to worry when she learnt that Josh is still in danger, but Josh tells her that he'll be OK and she doesn't need to worry about it. Evelyn asked him when he will ever be safe again.

Josh and Casey tries to call Andy, but he never responds their calls and unknowing that Andy faced his drug dealers and got bashed up, and left for dead in the bush. Josh received a call from Hannah about Andy in hospital and came to visit him. Josh was shocked when Andy told him and Casey that his drug dealers are after him, putting him in danger. Josh and the Braxtons talk about Andy's drug dealers until Evelyn came to see Josh and Hannah and Brax tells the others about a car pursuiing Hannah.

Casey, Josh, Evelyn and Hannah arrive at the farmhouse to see if Denny is safe, but Denny was safe and Evelyn gets angry when she learnt that Andy and Hannah are back together and Evelyn tells Josh that she's so scared that she won't able to sleep. Josh said he can stay and sleep in her room, which shocks him and Evelyn, but she tells him to stay. That night, Josh and Evelyn sleep together in her room and that morning, Hannah was shocked about Evelyn and Josh sleeping together. But Evelyn and Josh said it's not like romance. Josh ask Evelyn that it's time for him to take her out and she accepted.

Josh and Evelyn realised that Andy hasn't paid the drug dealers at all since Casey and Brax gave him five grand and that a threatened message was delivered at the farmhouse. Josh and Evelyn get attacked by the drug dealers at the Braxtons' house and held hostage at the farmhouse. The drug dealers' leader, Cody Dalton forces Josh to give Andy a voice message on his phone and if Josh refuses, he'll hurt Evelyn. Cody then threatens Andy on the voice message if he doesn't pay, he'll hurt Hannah.

Josh and Evelyn spent the whole night being tied up into a chair together and Josh gets annoyed when Cody picks on Evelyn until Andy and Brax came to their rescue. Brax threatens Cody to leave the Bay with the money and never come back and Cody and his henchmen leave after Brax's threatened warning. Josh was mad at Andy for putting him and Evelyn in danger, saying that Evelyn could have been killed and Josh refuses to leave with Andy. But Casey tells him that he can't be angry at Andy forever.

With Josh still upset with Andy, Josh struggles to bond with Casey and Evelyn telling that he cannot be like one of the Braxtons. Evelyn asked him he should organise a barbeque and he and Evelyn goes out to the shops and bought some groceries for the barbeque. During the barbeque, Casey and Josh fight over cooking and that night, Josh and Casey realise they have something in common, like both getting expelled from their last school, Mangrove River High. That night, Josh and Evelyn make-up until she stops him from kissing her and he offered her his bedroom to sleep.

The next morning, Josh sees Evelyn acting strangely around him and asked her what's the matter, but she said nothing and hours later, Evelyn invites Josh to her house, wanting to tell him something. He arrives and Evelyn confesses to him that she's not ready to have sex with him yet which scares her if he thinks she's not good enough for him. But he tells her that all he wants is to be with her, even though she's not ready for sex and she jumps in for a hug and the two embrace.

Josh gets angry at Andy and said that Brax was right about him. Brax and Josh began to bond and Brax teaches him how to fix a ute. Brax offers him for a drive, but Josh doesn't have his Ls and Brax decided to take him to Yabbie Creek to get his Learners Licence, until Evelyn shows up. Brax lets him go and Josh and Evelyn make out at the Surf Club and was witnessed by Maddy. Josh and Evelyn returns to the Braxtons' house and the two make out on the couch and have sex, but was interrupted by Kyle Braxton, who rudely tells them to get a room, which upsets Evelyn, who left. Josh furiously shouts at him for embarrassing Evelyn, saying that he and Evelyn are just kissing.

Kyle furiously yells at him that he's a guest in their house and shows him some respect. Brax and Ricky witnesses Kyle's behavior and Brax orders Kyle to back off. Brax allows Josh to stay at his house as long as he like, which pleases Josh. Josh then texts Evelyn to say sorry about Kyle's behavior. Josh and Maddy talks again and doesn't know that Maddy is trying to win him back from Evelyn.

Josh and Evelyn hang out together at his house and tells her that he started talking to Maddy as a friend, which upsets Evelyn, who was not happy at Josh for seeing Maddy without telling her. Evelyn leaves instantly and the next day, Evelyn tells Josh that she's not comfortable with him seeing Maddy and the two argued at the diner and Josh leaves. After school, he was at the beach, thinking, until Evelyn came and joined him. The two apologize to each other and Josh said he and Maddy are just friends. Evelyn said she doesn't want to lose him and Josh said she must try harder to keep him for herself and the two lovers embrace.

Josh and Evelyn hear that Sasha Bezmel and Matt Page organises a Year 12 Formal and invites the Year 11s to it. Evelyn asks Josh to take her, but Josh said he doesn't feel like it, which upsets Evelyn. Spencer confronts him and forces him to tell Evelyn the real reason why he doesn't want to go to formal with her. Josh and Evelyn meet at the beach and he gave her a bunch of flowers, and tells Evelyn the truth about him not wanting to go to the formal. He reveals that he doesn't have any money to buy a suit, and didn't tell her, because of embarrassment and fearing that Evelyn will stop loving him. But Evelyn she doesn't care if he doesn't have any money. Josh then asks her to be his formal date, she jumps onto him and delightfully accepted his invitation, quoting it's going to be the best night of her life and the two lovers share a kiss.

Casey lends Josh Brax's suit for the formal and thinks he looks like an idiot in it, but Casey he looks sharp. Brax lends him some money to buy new shoes for the formal and Kyle convinces him to buy Evelyn a beautiful corsage. Josh buys what he needs and meets Andy again and they apologizes to each other. That day, Josh was walking pass a van with his suit and his phone began to ring, until a man walked up to him and whack him across the head, knocking him unconscious and Josh drops his suit and phone and gets dragged in the van and drove off and all that's left behind was his suit and his phone.

Josh finds himself tied up into a pole in a barn and a man named Jake Pirovic, who is Cody's boss and the man that Andy's been dealing with, wants Brax dead, because something to do with Jake's deceased brother. Andy and Casey come to his rescue and Casey and Jake tackles each other. Brax and Kyle arrives and Brax was furious at Casey for taking on to Jake. Then a gunshot shot the window and Casey has taken the bullet. Josh was shocked and scared as his brother has been shot and is soon will be dying. Kyle tells the Barretts to leave before the cops turn up, but Josh refuses to leave Casey but Kyle tells him that Casey will be OK. Josh and Andy leaves the barn to deliver Denny a message and that was the last time Josh sees Casey again.

Andy and Josh goes to the farmhouse to tell Denny what has happened. Josh was devastated when he hear the news that Casey died and realized that Casey dies to save him. He gets comfort from Maddy, while he struggles to cope Casey's death and he and Maddy slept together. Maddy thought she has won Josh from Evelyn, but Josh feeling guilty for cheating on his girlfriend, he tells Maddy that what they had that night was a mistake and that he cannot hurt Evelyn again, breaking Maddy's heart.

Josh helped Brax and Kyle, along with Ricky and Phoebe to arranged the funeral and the dining place at Angelo's and was angry at Maddy for turning up at his house, confessing her love to him, but Josh he doesn't want to be with her anymore and tells her to leave. Josh asks Evelyn to come to the funeral with him and she accepted and he also asked Andy, but Andy decided to stay away because Brax doesn't want him to be there, but on the day of the funeral, Andy joins Josh and the others and drove off to the cemetery to say goodbye to Casey. Josh helped Brax and Kyle, along with Ricky and Phoebe to arranged the funeral and the dining place at Angelo's and Josh was one of the brothers, to carry Casey's coffin to his resting place. Brax was about to start until a man from the funeral service gave him a mysterious letter, which Brax's mother, Cheryl takes and reads it. Josh was interested in the mysterious letter hears Cheryl shouting saying is the letter from Jake. Out of rage, Brax attacks the funeral service man which shocks Josh and the other funeral guests. Both Kyle and Andy pull him away and Brax charges to his car to go after Jake, but was stopped by Andy. Josh was sad as Brax says his speech to Casey and he leaves the cemetery with Evelyn.

During the wake of Casey, Josh saw Maddy joining the wake with Oscar and ask Evelyn if she would like to take a stroll with him and she accepted and the couple leaves to go for a walk down the beach. Evelyn tells Josh that it's OK for him to talk to Maddy, but Josh confesses to Evelyn that he and Maddy didn't really talk, but slept with her instead. An upset Evelyn leaves the beach and Josh ran after her, this angers Evelyn that she charges to Angelo's and bashes her way and pushes Marilyn, John and John's foster son, Jett James out of her way and slaps Maddy across the face for sleeping with Josh in front of Andy, Alf, Oscar, Ricky, and the rest of the guests, and Josh tells her to stop and Oscar steps in and orders Josh to back off from his sister and an upset Evelyn leaves Angelo's with Oscar, following her. Maddy left with humiliation and embarrassment, leaving the wake in disgrace after Alf witnessed and overheard Maddy's behaviour for stealing another girl's boyfriend.

Josh tries to talk to Evelyn, but she pushes him away. They met again at the beach. Josh confess Evelyn that she's the greets thing that has ever happened to him and that he confesses his love to her, and he'll do anything to get her back. Evelyn asked him why did he slept with Maddy and he said after Casey died, he felt lost and alone and it just happened. A heartbroken Evelyn said she cannot face him again and doesn't want him in her life anymore and walks away, in tears. Josh was devastated after Evelyn refuses to forgive him. He tells Ricky that he doesn't hate Evelyn for hating him. But Ricky convinces that Evelyn doesn't hate him, but hurt. Ricky asked Josh if he seen Andy, but Josh said no and asked if Andy and Brax have gone after Jake.

Josh was happy when Evelyn invites him to her house and Evelyn asked him if he slept with Maddy because she couldn't sleep with him. Josh said no and that he's OK to wait for her to be ready to sleep with him and he meant it. Evelyn said one day she'll find a way to forgive him, but can't forgive him for breaking her heart, Josh then leaves after Oscar arrives home.Josh was found by Maddy and the beach and Maddy asked him if they could be friends again, but Josh said he thinks it's not going to happen and walks off.

Evelyn came to Josh's house one day and they confess that they miss each other and Evelyn asked him that they can't get back together and asked him if they could be friends again. Josh accepts the offer and he and Evie become friends again. Josh and Evelyn go to an art excursion with Oscar, their school principal, Sophie Taylor and other students. Josh gets jealous when he sees Evelyn talking to their art tour guide, Callum and tells him that Evelyn's only 16 and he has no right to woo on her and other school girls. Evelyn was mad at Josh for being jealous and for humiliating her in front of Callum. Evelyn confronts him that he's the one that cheated on her, not her and that she shouted that they're not together anymore and that's that!

Josh tells Oscar that Evelyn really hates him and Oscar said that Evelyn and him made bonded together since art and Josh decided to draw a beautiful sketch for Evelyn, a beautiful sketch of her. That night, Josh gave Evelyn his drawing and as Evelyn unscroll Josh's artwork, Evelyn fell in love with it saying the artwork is beautiful. Josh and Evie hangs out at night and Josh asked her out. She accepted, and they suddenly kiss, but Evelyn pushes him away, which upsets Josh. Josh asked Kyle and Phoebe to help him to do a romantic gesture for Evie. Josh takes Evie to the romantic place where he set it up for her.

Josh apologizes for the second time, saying he shouldn't have hurt her and for now, she's comes first. The two shares a kiss and reconcile their relationship. Oscar tells Josh that Maddy plans to leave town. Josh goes to Maddy then tells Josh she's pregnant and that he's the father. Later on Evie breaks up with him telling him there will be no room for her now Maddy's pregnant with his baby but they both love each other very much. Josh that decided to quit school and gets a TAFE job so he could support Maddy and the baby.

Josh also found out that Maddy's baby could be Oscar's and while, Maddy takes the ultrasound, Oscar tells Josh that he hopes the baby will be Josh, not because, he doesn't want to be a father because Maddy loves Josh and not Oscar. But Josh replies to Oscar that he doesn't love Maddy, he loves Evie. After the ultrasound, Maddy tells them that there's no baby and that the hospital had made a mistake, which angers Evie. Weeks later, Josh cancels his TAFE job and return to school. Brax also convinced Josh to say sorry to Evie and Josh feels strange around Evie. At Angelo's Denny invites Josh to join her and Evie for dinner and he accepted. Josh then find out that Brax's friend, Martin "Ash" Ashford takes an interest to Denny and doesn't tell him that Denny was Casey's.

The next day, Josh apologizs to Evie again and they tell each other that they want to get back together. Evie asked him is he sure about this, because she can wait. But Josh pulls her in for a kiss, stopping her words and they confess their loves for each other before sharing another kiss. But Josh found out from John that Maddy is diagnosed with cancer. Josh felt sorry for Maddy and went to Angelo's where Evie is waiting for him and he tells her that it's wrong between him and her and dumps her for good.

Josh tells Maddy at the beach that he found out about her having cancer and he wants to help her, but Maddy refuses him to help her, saying that she has Spencer and Oscar with her and leaves. Josh sees Evie going to Phoebe's launch with Kyle, Ricky, Hannah, Denny, Sasha and Leah, but Josh didn't say goodbye to Evie and stays back with Brax. Until Josh realized he still loves Evie and wanted her back and Brax and Josh goes to Phoebe's launch to get his girl back. Josh sees Evie in front of him and sent her a text message to her to pull back. But before Evie and Ricky would do anything, A psycho Sophie, who was in Nate's car made the bus flipped over, and Brax slapped the brakes of his car and he and Josh smacked each other as Nate's car smashed into theirs. Josh bashed his head knocked out. He then wakes up with his head bleeding. Josh goes to the hospital to bandage his head and met up with Evelyn at the hospital, which Hannah was in a serious situation.

Evie asked him why he was out there, Josh replied that he's sorry and that he loves her and wanna be with her. Evie gave Josh a kiss before saying that she wants to be with him too, before sharing another kiss. Josh was seen, sleeping on the couch with Evie, sleeping in his arms. Nate tells them to leave since they stayed at the hospital all night. Josh and Evie leave with Oscar and Denny and had breakfast at the diner. Evie asked Josh to stay with her for a few days and he accepted. After a few days of staying with Evie, Josh and Evie came to visit Hannah at the hospital. Josh and Evie were excited that Hannah will be well enough to go home and decided to plan a picnic for her when she returns home. Josh catch up with Evie, but she walks away with disappointment. Josh fears that he did something wrong that upsets Evie. But Denny said it's not about him, but Hannah. Josh was shocked that Hannah might not be able to walk again and comforts Evie, who is upset and devastated about Hannah's condition. Josh and Evie hangs out at Sasha's house, watching a movie with Sasha and Matt. But the two girls decided to go for a walk and leaves the boys at the house. Evie thanked Josh for cheering her up and they share a kiss.

On the first day of Year 12, Josh surprises Evie by giving her a red rose. But Josh sees Evie still unhappy about Hannah's condition. Matt gives Josh some advice about him being very creative. That night, Josh sneaks outside the surf club and pulled out a few spray-can paints out of his backpack and gave them a quick shake before spraying them onto the surf club's wall, making a mural for Evie. The next morning, Josh completes the mural, which is two young lovers, which represents him and Evie at sunset with a horse and a red love heart balloon and many people adore it. But Chris and John were unhappy about it, calling it graffiti. Josh was suspended by the cops, but shows to Evie anyway. She said she loved it and they share a kiss. Josh and Evie was about to leave until Jett ran in, telling them that John and Chris is about to get rid of the mural.

Josh & Evelyn 176

The three races to the surf club and stopped Chris and John in the nick of time.

Chris and John were about to wash it off, until Evie lay her back into the wall, telling Chris and John that the mural is going down over her dead body. Josh lay his back into the wall and Jett joins them. They soon call in other students to help them save the mural for Josh and Evie's love. Many students joined in, and so does Marilyn. Josh and Evie stayed overnight at the mural with other students and Jett. John brings Constable Katarina Chapman to give Evie a warning, but Katarina said that the students aren't breaking the law and there is nothing she can do to stop them. Josh hid himself, but putting his hood over his head so Katarina won't recognize him.

The next day, Matt and Sasha delivers coffee and muffins to the students and Matt tells Josh not just paint the mural, but give Evie a love card. Josh said he should have just bought her a box of chocolates. But Evie said the mural is much better than a box of chocolates. Evie said their love for each other brings then united front and the two lovers share a kiss in front of the others and they wooing for the couple. In the afternoon, Alf tells them it's over and the students give up, letting John and Chris wash off the mural. A disappointed Evie and Josh stood there watching the mural getting removed. Evie said she should have taken a photo of it. Josh pulled out his phone and showed the photo of the mural that he took. Evie tells Josh that she loves him so much and they kiss once again.

Josh and Evie prepares dinner for Hannah and Andy and the teens clean up after dinner and Josh said that Andy has taught him everything, including how to flush the toilet. Andy throws a pillow at them and Josh throws a wet tea towel back. Then Denny arrives home from the city and Josh leaves. The next day, Josh goes to see Evie and they make out, until John interrupts them, asking for Josh's help. Josh sees John trying to make a romantic gesture for Marilyn so she could forgive him. But Josh said he can't help them that much and leaves to join Evie. Josh and Evie return to the farmhouse and see Hannah and Denny talking. Josh leaves and overhears that Andy is leaving Hannah, which upsets Josh. Josh joins a Braxton/Barrett Beach Party with the River Boys at the beach and decided to invite Evie, but she kept her phone on silent. Josh was waiting for Evie at the Farmhouse and sees that Evie arrives home with Spencer. Josh was angry that Evie spend time with Spencer than him.

The next day, they forgive each other and they helped Spencer organizing a fundraiser for teens with cancer. Josh arrives home with his school uniform shirt with paint. Josh changes his shirt and leaves the house. He and Evie soon return to the house and were interrupted by the police, who were searching for evidence. He was ready to face his Learner's Exams before passing it to get his red Ps. After the exam, he passed and drove independently. Josh drives Evie to the beach at sunset in Andy's car and Evie tells Josh that she's ready to take their relationship with the next level. They almost had sex that night, Josh stopped her, which upsets her. Matt gives Josh advice how to make a perfect night special, by using fairy lights and other things. But Josh looked at Matt in a miserable way, signing that he already did that for Maddy. After school, Josh returns home and has the house for himself. He goes into his room and tidied and cleaned his room and bed.

Evie came to his house and he greeted her. She asked him if they could talk, but he said no. And she asked him so just wanted to study. Josh said he doesn't want to. An angry Evie storms off, but Josh stopped her and she confronts him if he stops liking her, then tell her in her face, and he can't drag her like this. But before she could finish, Josh grabs her arm and drags her into his room, with her telling him to let her go. He opens the door and shows her all the romantic things he did for his room, filling the whole room with balloons with lights, fairy lights on walls and flowers. He tells her that he wanted their first night to be special. Evie said it's perfect. Josh had he also cooked dinner, so they could eat together, Evie pulled him in for a kiss, saying she doesn't need dinner and they had sex. The next day, Josh takes Evie back home one early morning and she tells him to go before anyone sees him. Josh then lifts her up and confesses his love to Evie before leaving. Josh was then confronted by Oscar, who was angry at him. Saying that he's Evie's brother and here to protect her from him and says that if he hurts Evie, he'll swear to kill him. Josh tells Evie about Oscar's behavior and the two forgive Oscar for what he said.

Josh hears that Andy has taken Hannah on a boat and accidentally fall overboard and nearly drowned. Josh and Evie check on Hannah at the diner, where Nate checks on her. Josh and Evie take her home and Josh was angry at Andy for taking Hannah on a boat without life jackets and blames Andy. Josh returns home and calls Evie that night, who told Josh that it was Hannah's idea to go on a boat, not Andy's. Josh was shocked when he learnt from Evie that she told Hannah that they were sleeping together and felt embarrassed. The two lovers make a deal if Evie doesn't tell anyone that they're sleeping together. Josh begins to worry for Matt, who is drinking after his break-up with Sasha and her departure. Josh learnt that Matt kissed Evie and was furious, Evie tries to explain to him, telling him that she never loved Matt, not as much she had loved him (Josh). Josh ends up fighting with Matt during the ANZAC excursion in Canberra, that he attended with Evie, Oscar, VJ, Jett, John, Zac, Alf and Marilyn.

Josh and the others stayed in an old trench for the night and sees Matt staring at Evie and calls him a loser. Josh stood up to Matt and attacks him when Matt mentioned that Evie has soft lips, but the fight was broken up by Oscar, who pulled Josh away. That night, Josh slept with Evie and was woken up by Zac and John when Alf has run off. Josh goes to the search party to find Alf and Jett found him, who was in a chest pain. Josh fetches a stretcher from the trench and he, along with Evie, VJ, Jett, Oscar and Matt grabbed each side of the stretcher and brings Alf back to the trench. The next morning, Alf was sent to the hospital in the city by a chopper, while Josh offers Matt a blanket and watches as they chopper flies off. He returns to the Bay and he, VJ, Jett, Oscar and Evie does an ANZAC Memorial for Alf and those who were in the army. Matt refuses to help out and runs away. Josh and Evie goes to find him and bring him back. He was seen with a group of big bad boys and one of the boys tries to woo on Evie by calling her a cutie. A jealous Josh tells him to back off from his girlfriend. Josh and Evie convinced Matt to come home, but he said no.

Josh tells Matt to think about his sister Ellie, but Matt attempts to punch him, but Josh dodges. With their failed mission to bring Matt home, the two lovers return to Summer Bay. A week later, Matt returns and apologizes to Josh and Evie, with the help of Maddy. Josh hears Evie believe that Matt and Maddy likes each other and that she plans to bring them together as a couple and asked Josh to help her with her plans. Josh said it'll be a bad idea, but plays along. Josh and Evie brings Maddy and Matt the farmhouse to see a romantic movie, but fails. Josh gives Evie a break, by kissing her and they slept that night. They go to Plan B and set Maddy and Matt up with camping and Maddy and Matt shares a tent. Josh and Evie found out that Maddy knows that Evie and Josh are setting her and Matt up to be together from Matt.

Josh struggles to study and asked Damo Adams for drugs to help him study. the new principal Greg Snelgrove expelled him for using drugs. Evie found out that Josh used drugs and broke up with him. Damo held Josh hostage in his own home, but Kat manage to calm Damo down, but things went wrong with the police arrived and Damos shot Kat with her gun. Josh was save and reunite with Evie, but Evie refuse to forgive him and can't be with him anymore. Josh and Evie argues at Chris' party and Josh was jealous when he see Evie quickly moving on and start a relationship with Greg's son, Tank. Josh tries to confront her, but she tells him to back off. Josh attacks Tank at the beach when he was talking to Evie, thinking that Tank attempts to throw a punch at Evie, trying to save her. Josh found out Evie is in danger when she found out Tank's true colours after she ran away with him. Josh race to rescue Evie and eventually took her home safely. That night, Josh went to find Tank to confront him to stay away from Evie, but Tank gave him a coward punch to the back of the head, causing him to fall into a coma.

The next day, Martin Ashford found Josh and called an ambulance and Andy. Evie blamed herself for Josh's condition. Josh's doctor, Anna Griffin told Andy and Evie that Josh is on life support and can't be placed there forever. Andy told Evie that Josh is not coming back and needs to let him go to a better place. On his final moments, Evie gave him a grieving goodbye and apologized to him for not listening to him. She said that she'll always love him and Andy says goodbye too. As Andy and Evie watched Josh's life support turn off, Andy noticed Josh's fingers moved and that Josh will live. Josh woke up, but was unable to talk and was blind. As Evie tries to be there for him, Josh wrote an angry message to Evie saying "Your fault", blaming Evie for his condition. Andy tries to reason Josh that Evie is sorry, but as Andy mentioned her name, Josh gets angry and lashes out. He also lashes at Evie as she tries to be friendly. Andy gave Josh Evie's iPod, but he rejects it. Josh manage to talk again and told Andy that he's scared. Josh returns home, but struggles to get use to his blindness.As he walks around the beach, while blind, he hears voices and thought people are laughing at him and stayed home all day.

Josh tried to cook pasta for himself, but burned his hand on the stove, and Kyle bandages his hand. Josh found out from Andy that Denny is dead and joins the MacGuires to keep them company. He then told Evie that he's sorry for her loss and finally forgives her. Josh was shocked when Kyle told him and Andy that Charlotte interrupted Zac and Leah's wedding and threaten to reveal everyone's secrets. In 2016, Josh regained his eyesight and everyone was happy, esspecially Evie. Josh and Evie bond as friends, but went worse when he found out that Andy and Evie kissed on Andy's text to Evie. Josh was angry at them both, and told them that he's leaving the bay for good.But Andy moved out, so Josh could stay. Josh hook up with Louisa O'Brien, while looking after Ricky's son, Casey. But Josh was irresponsible as Casey fell ill. Kyle and Ricky was angry at Josh for leaving Casey alone. Kyle tells Josh to stop blaming Evie and treat Andy like dirt since his accident and told him not to make mistakes again. A week later, Josh tries to apologized to Evie as she pushes him away, unaware that she found a lump in her breast.

Josh attends to university with Oscar, Evie, Matt and Maddy and Josh asked Evie out, and she said yes. That night, Josh and Evie talked and resume their feelings, with a kiss, and got back together. At Angelo's Josh and Evie plan that they should move in together, have a house of their own, go to IKEA and have kids of their own, which surprises Evie. Josh stayed by Evie's side as Zac was arrested for Charlotte's murder. With Zac released from prison, Josh and Evie spends the day at the city with Matt and Maddy, after getting her T tattoo removed. On the same night, Josh made a fake ring out of a wire from a champagne cork and tells Evie that she's the most beautiful, sweet, passionate and intelligent person that he'd ever met and couldn't imagine his life without her. He then shows her the ring and proposes to her. Evie says yes and they're engaged.

The next day at breakfast, they told Maddy and Matt their engagement, who congratulates them. They returned home and was about to tell Zac and Leah the news, but Zac told them that it could wait that they have serious news for them, which is that Tank was in prison with Zac and was stabbed. Josh sees Tank at the hospital and was furious at him for what he did to him last year. Tank tells Josh that he's sorry and one he'll make it up to him and Evie. Josh violently grabbed Tank telling him to not mention Evie's name, before being dragged by Tank's police guard. Evie was furious at Josh and tells him that they'll be married soon and can't let Tank ruin their big day. They agree to keep their engagement from Zac and Leah for a while. Josh and Evie told Oscar about their engagement and Oscar gives them his blessing, welcoming Josh to his family.

At their engagement party, Josh and Evie told Zac and Leah about their upcoming marriage. But the party ended when Tank attended with his new girlfriend, Skye Peters. Josh attends to the Hospital Fundraiser event held at the Caravan Park and dance with Evie. But Josh was involved of the caravan explosion, but he survived through the explosion and learnt that Oscar is dead. He told Evie the terrible news. Kat found out that Josh is Charlotte's killer and Josh confess to Kat and told her how he killed her. In the flashback of Charlotte's murder, Josh regained his eyesight and went to the rock pool to confront Charlotte about murdering Denny.

Charlotte pulls Kat's gun out of her bag and attempts to shoot Josh, but Josh grabbed her arm and the two struggle for the gun, but the gun was pulled off and Charlotte was shot. Kat wanted to arrest Josh, but decided to give him a few days since Evie already lost Oscar. Josh learn that Hannah also died from her head injuries from the explosion and comforts her. Josh accompanies Evie at the funeral. After the funeral, Evie told Josh that she wants to get married the next day and Josh agrees and they decided to marry in secret. The next day, they head off the a marriage company and they bumped into Alf, who asked them why they dress so elegant and they told him that they're going to a fancy restaurant in Yabbie Creek for breakfast. As they were about to become husband and wife, Leah and Zac barged into the ceremony, stopping the whole wedding, after Alf finds a marriage website on the computer. Evie was furious at Zac and Leah, but Josh and Evie agrees to wait since Evie has been stressed since Oscar and Hannah died.

Josh stops Evie from attacking Andy when she found out that Andy was the one that caused the explosion. Evie does a romantic gesture in a caravan for Josh and they had sex for the last time. But Josh couldn't hide his secret to Evie anymore and told her that he killed Charlotte. Evie accompanies him to the police station to confess, but finds Andy there to lied to the police that he's Charlotte's killer. Josh realized he couldn't marry Evie anymore since the police won't stop and they agree to end their engagement and their relationship for good. Josh was arrested and Evie says goodbye to him for the last time, talking about their first kiss during the horse riding they had two years ago. They shared one last kiss before Josh goes to court. Josh was sentenced to 20 years in jail for the murder of Charlotte.

As Josh was led away, he pushed his guard to the ground and drove away by a driven car with Andy. The two brothers. changed clothes, threw away their phones and swapped cars. Josh send Evie one last message before leaving Summer Bay for good. On the run, Josh and Andy stay hidden in an abandoned house and Josh thought about Evie everyday, including sketching a portrait of her, which Matt found, Josh was mentioned by Matt When he told Roo that Evie deserve better after what josh has done to her Josh and Andy were found by the cops and were arrested, which Evie mentioned to Matt. It was mentioned that Josh had moved on and had a new girlfriend, which Kat told Matt about.


Josh has dark brown floppy hair and brown eyes. He has tan skin and likes wearing jeans, shorts, jackets and shirts. He always wore a necklace with a pendant, a watch, a wrist cuff and a ring.


Maddy Osborne

Josh and Maddy meet at the beach where Heath and Bianca have their wedding reception. Josh and Maddy flirt but they are interrupted by Casey. After Casey got in hospital after injuring his spine, Maddy forgives Josh and the two start dating. But Maddy's foster mother, Roo Stewart and foster grandfather, Alf don't want her to date a bad boy like Josh, which angers Maddy. The two run away together, but Josh gets a call from his brother that Darryl Braxton killed Josh Barrett's father, Johnny. Josh then gets shot by his own mother, Debbie when she stole Andy's gun to shoot Brax.

Josh was saved by Dr Nate Cooper and Maddy decides to go to the next level with him. In July 2014, Josh and Maddy's relationship ends when she learns that he kissed her best friend Evelyn MacGuire behind her back. After the death of Casey, Maddy finds Josh on the beach. They share a hug and he cries on her shoulder. They then go to Roo's place and he wakes up from sleeping on the couch. Maddy calms him down, then Josh kisses her, then after a few seconds she kisses him again.

They come out in the room playing with their clothes giving the impression that they just had sex and Maddy tells Roo, "I love him." Maddy tries to talk to Josh the next day but he ignores her. She then goes to his house telling him that she still loves him and he shouts at her saying get out. Josh tells Evie about him cheating on her and sleeping with Maddy then Evie slaps Maddy.

When Maddy finds out she is pregnant, she thinks Josh is the father. But Maddy was never pregnant, she was diagnosed with cancer. Josh wanted to help her, but she said that she doesn't want his help, and that she has Oscar and Spencer with her. Maddy and Josh decide to move on and agree to be friends.

Evelyn MacGuire

In July 2014, it was announced that Maddy's best friend and Oscar MacGuire's twin sister, Evelyn will be Josh's new love interest after the break-up with Maddy. He and Evelyn met at school on her first day at Summer Bay High, the two never came close until May 2014. The two bonded when they studied together and Evelyn develops a crush on Josh. The two swapped art assignments and Josh liked Evelyn's drawing of him. Josh was interested about Evelyn's crush on him and asked her if she is into him, but she denies it.

The two spend a day at the farm and rode a neighbours' horse back to the house. Josh and Evelyn share a kiss and another one at the bus stop, which Marilyn Chambers witnesses. Josh and Evelyn decide to stay away from each other for a while until Josh comes to Evelyn to ask her for her help to find Andy after the Harrington brothers found drugs under his and Andy's caravan. Josh and Evelyn can't hide their secret forever and the two embrace. Josh gets bashed up at the caravan park and he comes to Evelyn for help.

Josh stays at her house for the night to keep himself safe and he and Evelyn start to have feelings for each other. Evelyn decides that she cannot be friends with Josh anymore, so they cannot hurt Maddy. Maddy confronts Josh and Evelyn if there's something going on between the two of them. Evelyn denies it, but Josh admits the truth about his kiss with Evelyn, causing him and Maddy to break up. Josh begins dating Evelyn. while the two were in a relationship, Evelyn finds out from Josh that he slept with Maddy she ran away from Josh and into Angelo's.

She then slapped Maddy across the face and said "That's for sleeping with my boyfriend." Evelyn shouts at Maddy that Casey had just died and she used his death to get Josh back. Josh tells Evie that what she said was not fair. Then Oscar tells Josh to stay away from her. Josh and Evie have not spoken in days. After their break-up, they have into argements. But they reconcile after Josh says sorry to Evie for the second time and she finally forgives him.

When Josh started taking drugs, she breaks up with him and she starts seeing Tank Snelgrove. After Tank kidnapped Evie, Josh received her distress message and rescues her as she was running from the woods. She felt responsible when Tank coward-punched Josh, resulting in the latter being in a coma.

After Josh woke up and discovering he was now blind, Josh wrote down a note saying 'Your Fault' to Evie, blaming her for his blindness. But he forgives her after they found out that Denny died. But was angry at her again when he found out that she kissed Andy. But they fell in love again and got back together. About a few weeks of getting back together. They plan to move in together in the future. While spending the night at the city, Josh proposes to Evie with a ring made out of a champagne cork wire and Evie says yes and they got engaged and told Matt and Maddy first. Then, Oscar and Zac and Leah. The relationship became strained after Oscar and Hannah was killed in the explosion at the caravan park caused by Andy and Tank while they were fighting and Evelyn finding out about Josh killing Charlotte, the relationship officially ended when Josh went on the run with Andy and Evelyn discovered he had moved on with the new girl


  • Evie MacGuire - Ex-fiancee
  • Maddy Osborne - Ex-girlfriend, Friend
  • Andy Barrett - Half-brother
  • Casey Braxton - Half-brother
  • Matt Page - Best friend, Ex-rival
  • Oscar McGuire - Friend, former brother-in-law-to-be
  • Tank Snelgrove - Enemy


  • In episode 6153, he passed his driving exam and got his red P's.
  • He and Evelyn broke up five times. First, he cheated on her with his ex, Maddy, second when Maddy thought she fell pregnant with his baby, third when Josh found out Maddy had cancer and fourth when Josh was taking drugs to stay awake for his HSC. the fifth after be charged with killing Charlotte.
  • Josh was engaged to Evie before the broke it off
  • Josh was on the run with his brother Andy.