Below is a list of births, marriages and deaths in Channel Seven Australian soap opera Home and Away. They are listed in order of year.


Year Character Parents
1988 Christopher Fletcher Tom Fletcher and Pippa Fletcher
1988 Martha Mackenzie Brett Macklin and Roo Stewart
1989 Duncan Stewart Alf Stewart and Ailsa Stewart
1991 Tamara Simpson David Croft and Sophie Simpson
1993 Dale Ross Michael Ross and Pippa Ross
1996 Shane Parrish Shane Parrish and Angel Parrish
1997 Paul Roberts Barry Michaels and Finlay Roberts (Surrogate: Irene Roberts)
1998 Olivia Richards Lachlan Fraser and Chloe Richards
1998 Byron Fisher Donald Fisher and Marilyn Chambers
2000 Bella Marshall Sam Marshall and Sandy Rose
2000 Connor Nash Glen Nash and Natalie Nash
2001 Lily Nash Will and Gypsy Nash
2001 V.J. Patterson Vinnie Patterson and Leah Patterson-Baker
2003 David Dean Blake Dean and Sophie Simpson
2004 Pippa Saunders Flynn Saunders and Sally Fletcher (Surrogate: Leah Patterson-Baker)
2005 Ollie Phillips Kane Phillips and Kirsty Sutherland
2005 Noah Lawson Scott Hunter and Hayley Smith
2006 Ella Hunter Robbie Hunter and Tasha Hunter
2007 Archie Hunter Kim Hyde and Kit Hunter
2008 Summer Rose Turner Henk Van Minnen and Cassie Turner
2008 Lindsay Mackenzie-Harris Roman Harris and Martha Mackenzie
2009 Harry Holden Tony Holden and Rachel Holden
2016 Luc Patterson Billie Ashford and Mick Jennings (rape)/VJ Patterson (legally)
Year Character         Parents
2011 George Franklin       Penn Graham and Nicole Franklin       
2012 Rocco Scott-Braxton Heath Braxton and Bianca Scott
2014 Harley Heath Braxton and Jessica Lockwood

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Year Characters
1988 Alf Stewart and Ailsa Hogan
1989 Frank Morgan and Bobby Simpson
1990 Ben Lucini and Carly Morris
1991 Michael Ross and Pippa Fletcher
1992 Greg Marshall and Bobby Simpson
1995 Shane Parrish and Angel Brooks
1996 Donald Fisher and Marilyn Chambers
1997 Travis Nash and Rebecca Fisher
1999 James Fraser and Chloe Richards
2000 Edward Dunglass and Peta Jannosi
2001 Vinnie Patterson and Leah Poulos
2002 Will Smith and Gypsy Nash
2003 Flynn Saunders and Sally Fletcher
2004 Rhys Sutherland and Beth Hunter
2004 Kane Phillips and Kirsty Sutherland
2004 Noah Lawson and Hayley Smith
2005 Dan Baker and Leah Patterson
2005 Graham Walters and Amanda Vale
2006 Robbie Hunter and Tasha Andrews
2006 Jack Holden and Martha Mackenzie
2006 Brad Armstrong and Emily Richmond
2006 Kim Hyde and Rachel Armstrong
2007 Jack Holden and Sam Tolhurst
2008 Ross Buckton and Morag Bellingham
2008 Jack Holden and Martha Mackenzie
2009 Tony Holden and Rachel Armstrong
2009 Aden Jefferies and Belle Taylor
2010 John Palmer and Gina Austin
2011 Romeo Smith and Indigo Walker
2012 Liam Murphy and Bianca Scott
2012 Harvey Ryan and Roo Stewart
2013 Heath Braxton and Bianca Scott
2013 Dex Walker and April Scott


Year Character Cause
1988 Kerry Barlow Shot
1988 Alan Fisher Brain Haemorrhage
1988 Gary Samuels Jumped off a cliff
1989 Philip Matheson Fire
1989 Rory Heywood Shark Attack
1990 Tom Fletcher Heart Attack
1991 Alec Gibson Heart Attack
1991 David Croft Car Accident
1992 Meg Bowman Leukaemia-died in Blake Dean's arms
1993 Bobby Simpson Boating Accident
1993 Dale Ross Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
1995 Laura Bonetti Ran in front of a train
1995 Elizabeth Clarke Terminal Illness
1995 Murdoch Roberts Murdered by Dodge
1995 Rick Car Crash
1996 Shane Parrish Blood Poisoning
1996 Peter Moss Car Accident
1996 Michael Ross Drowned trying to save Sam Marshall
1996 Brad Shot by Max Richards
1997 Stephanie Mboto Fell off a cliff
1997 Saul Bennett Shot by Terri Garner
1998 Kylie Burton Drug Overdose
1999 Brian Matthews Fell off a building
1999 Ruby Collins Stopped Breathing
1999 Byron Fisher Cancer
2000 Charlie Car Accident
2000 Ken Smith Crushed underneath a car
2000 Alicia Campbell Fell off a cliff
2000 Gavin Campbell Mudslide
2000 Ailsa Stewart Heart Attack
2001 Anna Miller Cancer
2001 Miles Alcott Car Accident
2002 Charlotte Adams Drowned
2002 Grigg Found Dead in Donald Fisher's car
2003 Angie Russell Blow to the head
2003 Eloise Lennox Leukaemia
2004 Felix Walters Crystal Meth Overdose
2004 Noah Lawson Shot by Sarah Lewis
2004 The Guv Heart Failure
2005 Benny "Red" Barron Sea Plane Crash
2005 Marc Edwards Hit over the head by the Summer Bay Stalker
2005 Joy Foxton Stroke
2005 Joe Wallace Dies offscreen
2005 Chloe Richards Embolism/Car Crash
2005 DR. Alison Free Dies offscreen after Car Crash
2006 Flynn Saunders Skin Cancer
2006 Graham Walters Life support machine turned off by Robbie Hunter
2006 Josh West Shot by Barry Hyde
2006 Elaine Armstrong Injuries from Barn Explosion
2006 Eve Jacobsen/Zoe McAllister Injuries from Barn Explosion
2006 Tracy Thompson Injuries from Barn Explosion
2006 Emily Armstrong Cancer
2007 Rocco Cooper Injuried from a beating from Johnny Cooper's henchmen
2007 Beth Hunter Car Crash
2007 Lisa Duffy Drag Racing Accident
2008 Dan Baker Abseiling Accident in America
2008 Johnny Cooper Overdose given from Sam Holden
2008 Sam Holden Committing Suicide/Washed up by Sea
2008 Joe Morton Bone Cancer
2009 Jack Holden Shot by Angelo Rosetta
2009 Lou DeBono Shot by Donna DeBono
2009 Belle Taylor Cancer
2014 Ethan MacGuire Hospital Bomb Explosion
2015 Charlotte King Shot
2017 Billie Ashford Cancer
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