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Miles Copeland
Occupation English Teacher
Residence Phuket
Gender Male
Family Aaron Copeland (father; deceased)
Diana Keating (mother; deceased)
Louise Copeland (wife, 2000-04, deceased)
Amber 'Rabbit' Copeland (daughter; deceased)
Jai Fernandez (adopted son)
Melody Jones (foster daughter)
Nicole Franklin (foster daughter)
Sally Fletcher (twin sister)
First Appearance 1988, 30 november 2007 - 23 november 2011
Portrayed by Jackson Edwards (1988)
Ryley Mickle (flashback, 2007)
Josh Quong Tart (2007-11)

Miles Copeland has been a resident of Summer Bay for 20 years!

Only we knew him as Sally's imaginary friend 'Milco'. When he turned up in Summer Bay as a scruffy homeless person, tongues were set wagging. Colleen was very disapproving, but luckily Roman and Sally were much more accepting.

Kind hearted Sally offered him food and shelter and as she got to know him, recognised a connection between them. Miles finally had the courage to tell her their story. They were in fact twins, separated at the age of three.

When their parents divorced, Sally went with her mother and Miles stayed with his father. However, Sally's mum and new husband were killed in a boating accident, so she was fostered out to the Fletcher family.

Miles' alcoholic father attempted to find Sally again. He took Miles to Summer Bay but whilst he stood on the beach with Miles playing in the sand, he decided that Sally was better off with her foster family.

After his father died, Miles continued with his life. He was married with a beautiful young daughter and was a high school teacher. Tragedy struck when he and his family were caught in the Boxing Day tsunami in Phuket. The loss of his wife and daughter sent Miles into a downward spiral. He lost the will to live and ended up on the streets. It wasn't until he stumbled across Summer Bay that his life took a dramatic turn and he was re-united with his sister Sally.

He is now working as a teacher again at Summer Bay High and looking after the caravan park.

Kirsty soon returned to the bay after 4 years and her and Miles soon started a relationship. All was going well until Kane returned. Kirsty and Kane soon left the bay. Only recently has Kirsty arrived and she is willing to restart a relationship with Miles but their relationship is getting torn because of a fellow student of Summer Bay High, Trey.