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Template:Infobox Orpheus Pledger is an Australian actor. He plays Mason Morgan on Home and Away in 2016 to 2019.


In 2002, an eight-year-old Pledger starred in writer-director Emma Freeman's short film Lamb.[3] The following year, Pledger began appearing as Lewis Harfield in the drama series CrashBurn.[4] Pledger starred as Tycho Everson in the science fiction children's series Silversun in 2004.[5][6] Pledger has also made appearances in The Secret Life of UsWelcher & WelcherScooter: Secret Agent and Nick Giannopoulos' film The Wannabes.[5]

Pledger joined the cast of Neighbours as student Noah Parkin in 2011.[7] Pledger's agent told him about the role and asked him to read through Noah's character notes. After deciding that he wanted the role, Pledger attended a screen test with the Neighbours casting director.[8] After a recall, Pledger was told he had the role. He was contracted for six months.[8] In 2014, Pledger appeared in the Nine Network television film Schapelle.[9]

On 5 December 2015, Jonathon Moran of The Daily Telegraph reported Pledger had joined Home and Away as Mason Morgan, the youngest member of the new Morgan family.[1]Pledger relocated from Melbourne to Sydney for filming.[1] He choose to leave the role in 2019, and his character was killed off in the season finale on 27 November.[10]


  • (2001) The Secret Life of Us - James
  • (2002) Lamb - Son
  • (2002) Marshall Law - Freddie
  • (2002) Blue Heelers - Scott Robbins
  • (2003) Forbidden - Boy at Gate
  • (2003) Welcher & Welcher - N/A
  • (2003) Criminal Ways - Young Danny
  • (2003) The Forest - James
  • (2003) Crashburn - Lewis Harfield
  • (2004) Replacing Bradley - Bradley
  • (2004) Silversun - Tycho Everson
  • (2005) Scooter: Secret Agent - Beast Boy
  • (2005) McLeod's Daughters - Max Wakefield
  • (2006) Blue Heelers - Olek Jasinski
  • (2011-2012) Neighbours - Noah Parkin
  • (2014) Schapelle - James
  • (2014) House Husbands - Ian
  • (2016-2019) Home and Away - Mason Morgan