Patrick Stanwood
Gender Male
Family Martin Ashford (brother)
Billie Ashford (sister, deceased)
VJ Patterson (brother-in-law)
Luc Patterson (niece)
First Appearance 27 February 2017
Last Appearance 8 May 2017
Portrayed by Luke McKenzie
Patrick Stanwood, also known as Luke Ashford is the oldest brother of Martin Ashford and Billie Ashford. He's also the uncle of Billie's daughter, Luc Patterson.


Patrick was born as Luke Ashford. Before his younger siblings, Ash and Billie moves to Summer Bay, Luke serves at Afghanistan, but died in action and was buried at Yabbie Creek. But turns out, Luke never died during the war and was in depression during the time. So, he faked his own death so he could restart fresh as a new person. With Ash and Billie believing their brother is dead, Luke gets a new identity and became Patrick Stanwood. He stayed that identity for four years, until he heard about the death of his sister.


Patrick comes to the beach to watch the funeral service for Billie Ashford. Kat Chapman spots him leaving. She later identifies Patrick as Billie and Martin Ashford's brother, Luke, who is presumed dead. After Kat and Ash search Patrick's home, he appears and calls out to Ash, who punches him and leaves. Patrick comes to the Summer Bay Caravan Park to see Ash. He tells him that he faked his death as he was depressed following his last tour of duty.

Kat brings Patrick to the station for questioning. Ash later introduces Patrick to his niece Luc Patterson. Kat forces Ash and Patrick to sit down and talk. Patrick stops Ash from attacking John Palmer. Patrick moves into the farmhouse with Kat. She and Ash soon realise that he is suffering from PTSD, which worsens when Ash is granted temporary custody of Luc.

Patrick strikes Ava Gilbert with his car while suffering a flashback. Ava's father, Justin Morgan accuses Patrick for running over his daughter. He later reveals to Ash that he killed a young girl while he was serving in the army. Patrick leaves the Bay, and Ash finds him on some cliffs. Ash stops Patrick from hurting himself and tells him that he and Luc need him around. Patrick finally bonds with Luc and agrees to get help for his PTSD and Patrick left Summer Bay after that.

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