Robbie Hunter
Robbie Hunter
Robbie Hunter
Occupation Student; TV Commercial Actor
Gender Male
Relationships Tasha Andrews (Wife)
Family Jack Hunther (Father, deceased)
Beth Hunter (Mother,deceased)
Graham Walters (Grandfather,deceased)
Scott Hunter (Brother)
Kit Hunter (Sister)
Matilda Hunter (Sister)
Henry Hunter (Brother)
Ella Hunter (Daughter)
First Appearance 25 November 2003-10 October 2006
Portrayed by Jason Smith

Robbie Hunter was a character in Home and Away. He was portrayed by Jason Smith.


Robbie arrived to his partents Beth and Rhys Sutherland to live in Summer Bay.


When Tasha Andrews went missing Robbie tried to use one of his inventions to try and catch her. But its leaving him caught. While trying to escape, Robbie is bitten by a snake and Tasha runs for help. After Tasha saves his life, he gives her a gift and they become good friends. Tasha later becomes his girlfriend. Tasha gets convinces to join The Believers, but Robbie doesn't want her to join. Tasha refuses to listen to him and stays with the cult. Tasha tells Robbie to leave and he does. But he gets pushed into a river. Jonah and Tasha arrive but Robbie get swept away. But he survives.

Robbie's grandfather Graham

Robbie's grandfather Graham Walters suffers a heart attack and lets his family know that he wants his life support machine switched off. Robbie, grants his grandfather's wish and secretly turns the machine off.

Wedding and Tasha Pregnant

When Tasha escapes the Believers, Robbie is happy to have her back. The couple then start to prepare to marry for real. On the day of the wedding, Tasha collapses and finds out she is pregnant. They belive Jonah is the father. Robbie then desides to look after Tasha and be the father their baby needs. They later discovers Robbie is the father of the baby.

Helicopter crash

At the explosion at Jack and Martha's wedding, Robbie and several others are immediately transported to a hospital in the city via helicopter. But the helicopter crashes, leaving everyone stranded for several weeks. Robbie confesses to Martha that he switched off Graham's machine. They are eventually rescued


Tasha gives birth to a daughter, Ella Hunter. Mumma Rose, then tries to kidnap Tasha and Tasha's newborn baby daughter. But they gets rescued.

Trial for murder

Robbie stands trial with Morag Bellingham representing him. Robbie is found guilty but the judge rules that he will serve no jail time and he is free to go.

Moving to America

Tasha's relative Josie sends her and Robbie tickets to join her in Boston and after saying farewell to all their friends and family, Robbie, Tasha and Ella leave to live in America.

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