Robbo Shaw
Occupation Handyman
Residence Summer Bay Caravan Park
Gender Male
Relationships Rose Newton (ex-girlfriend; deceased)
Katarina Chapman (girlfriend; deceased)
Ebony Easton (ex-girlfriend)
Jasmine Delaney (wife)
Family Ian Shaw (father)
Wendy Shaw (mother)
Lauren Shaw (wife; deceased)
Jasmine Delaney (wife)
Lucas Shaw (son; deceased)
Sofia Shaw (daughter; deceased)
First Appearance 24 July 2017
Portrayed by Jake Ryan
Ryan "Robbo" Shaw (also Beckett Reid and John Doe) is the son of Ian and Wendy Shaw.

He's ex-boyfriend of Rose Newton and Ebony Easton. He's the boyfriend of Katarina Chapman and the husband of Lauren Shaw

He's the father of Lucas and Sofia Shaw and the husband of Jasmine Delaney.


Robbo watches as Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher), Scarlett Snow (Tania Nolan) and Justin Morgan (James Stewart) approach the cove, where he is hiding out, on in a boat. While they are fishing, Robbo attempts to hot-wire the boat, but gives up when he sees Justin approaching. The boat fails to start and Alf, Scarlett and Justin camp out on the island. When Alf goes in search of firewood the following morning, John Doe hits him with a tree branch and takes his knife. He hides on the boat and emerges once it is docked in Summer Bay. John Doe breaks into the Pier Diner to steal some food, and Alf later finds him hiding on the boat. He pushes past Alf and Justin and later follows Alf to his house, where he produces the knife. John Doe tells Alf that he cannot recall who he is and needs answers. Alf's daughter Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) and Constable Katarina Chapman(Pia Miller) approach the scene and Kat talks him into giving her the knife. She calls Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) to treat John Doe's head injury, and Tori takes him to the hospital to get a CT scan, as he is suffering from post-traumatic amnesia. He later leaves the hospital, but Kat convinces him to return. Kat runs his finger prints and DNA against the police database, but there are no hits. The nurses name him "Robbo" after Robinson Crusoe and he is discharged. Alf allows Robbo to stay at the Caravan Park.

Robbo decides to leave the Bay, but after saving Raffy Morrison (Olivia Deeble) from Mackenzie (Luke Davis), he decides to stay and wait to see if any information comes back about his tattoos. Kat and Scarlett take Robbo back to the cove and search his campsite. Kat finds a picture of herself, but Robbo does not know why he has it. John Palmer (Shane Withington) and Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) try to help Robbo figure out who he is, but when John attempts to teach him how to drive, Robbo backs the car into Kat's police cruiser. While taking him to the station, Kat stops off at a motel to find Brody Morgan (Jackson Heywood). Robbo notices Faz (Jesse Rowles) leave the room, and when he and Bob (Neal Horton) emerge with Brody and Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman), Robbo attacks them. William Zannis (Caleb Alloway) pulls a gun, but Robbo disarms him, leading Kat to think Robbo might have been a police officer. Alf offers Robbo a job doing maintenance work around the Caravan Park. After Kat breaks up with her boyfriend Martin Ashford (George Mason), Robbo comes to her caravan and offers her a bottle of whiskey. They have sex, but Kat tells him it was a mistake. Scarlett offers to help Robbo and later gets a hit on one of his tattoos, which is connected to a woman called Rose. She gives him a list of addresses and Kat helps him out. At the second address, Robbo finds a burnt photo that shows his arm around a woman. He and Kat then find her body inside. Robbo decides to give up searching for information about his past and asks Kat to close the investigation. Robbo helps Coco Astoni (Anna Cocquerel) to the hospital when she faints at the beach.

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