Russell Harris
Gender Male
Relationships Unnamed wife
Family Unnamed wife
Bobby Harris (brother)
Willow Harris (daughter)
Judy Lawson (mother-in-law)
First Appearance 4 December 2017
Last Appearance 26 February 2019
Portrayed by Monroe Reimers
Russell Harris is the father of Willow Harris.


He suffers from Alzheimer's disease, and is rushed to hospital after being pushed down some stairs. When he wakes up, Russell mistakes his daughter for his wife and Justin Morgan for his brother Bobby.

Months later, Russell takes Willow's car, which previously belonged to him, and drives to the beach. Colby Thorne finds him and calls Willow, who decides to take Russell out for a drive at Colby's suggestion.

After Willow is shot, Justin brings Russell to the hospital to see her when her condition worsens. As he leaves, Russell tells Willow's friend Dean Thompson to look after her.