Sally Fletcher
Occupation Former Principal/Teacher at Summer Bay High
Residence United States
Gender Female
Relationships Flynn Saunders (husband, deceased, 2003-06)
Brad Armstrong (ex-boyfriend, 2007-08)
Family Aaron Copeland (father)
Diane Keating (mother)
Pippa Ross (foster mother)
Tom Fletcher (foster father)
Miles Copeland (twin brother)
Carly Morris (foster sister)
Steven Matheson (foster brother)
Lynn Davenport (foster sister)
Sophie Simpson (foster sister)
Christopher Fletcher (foster brother)
Dale Ross (foster brother)
Pippa Saunders (daughter)
Eric Dalby (foster son)
Cassie Turner (foster daughter)
Summer Rose Turner (foster granddaughter)
First Appearance 17 january 1988 - 3 april 2008
15 july 2013 - 5 september 2013
Portrayed by Kate Ritchie
Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie) was the longest running original female cast member appearing from the Pilot episode on 17th January, 1988 until 3rd April, 2008. But she made a brief return with her daughter Pippa, in 2013.