Shandi Palmer
Shandi Palmer
Relationships Chris Harrington (flirted with; plus one)
Family John Palmer (father)
Manuka Ayres (mother; deceased)
Gina Austin (stepmother; deceased)
Marilyn Chambers (stepmother)
Jett Palmer (adoptive brother)
Hugo Austin (stepbrother)
Brendan Austin (stepbrother)
Xavier Austin (stepbrother)
First Appearance 31 January 2011
Last Appearance 7 October 2014
Portrayed by Elizabeth Blackmore (2011)
Tess Haubrich (2014)
Shandi Palmer (also Ayres) is the estranged daughter of John Palmer and Manuka Ayres. She's the stepdaughter of Gina Austin and Marilyn Chambers. She's also the older adoptive brother of Jett James and the stepsister of Hugo Austin, Brendan Austin and Xavier Austin.


Shandi is brought to the police station where it is revealed that her identity was stolen by her friend, Daria Hennessy. She later goes to meet John for the first time, but decides not to stay in touch with him.

In 2013, John's fiancee, Marilyn Chambers called Shandi and invite her to Summer Bay for the wedding, so could have someone in his family to be there for him.

Shandi returns to Summer Bay and mistook Roo Stewart for Marilyn. Shandi meets Marilyn and reunite with John. When Shandi finds out that John has a foster son, Shandi was upset.

Shandi later meets John's foster son, Jett James and they talked. Shandi later tells Marilyn to stay away from John. Jett finds out what Shandi's been doing and confronts her.

Shandi admits to Jett that she doesn't get Marilyn at all. As John and Marilyn plans to postpone the wedding, both Jett and Shandi worked to together to make them change their minds, which worked.

Shandi meets and flirts with Chris Harrington, much to John's annoyance. She later asked Chris to be her plus one at the wedding and he accepts. Shandi hosts Marilyn's hen's night, and was worried when John injuries himself at his buck's night.

Shandi witnessed the wedding and was seen dancing with Chris at the reception. A week after the wedding, Shandi tells Chris that she's leaving Summer Bay again and she says goodbye to him and John before leaving once again.


  • Shandi's second portrayer, Tess Haubrich previously starred on Home and Away as Catie Merrin in 2009.