The Summer Bay Caravan Park is a local tourist resort park which is situated in Summer Bay. The park was owned by Alf Stewart. Following the death of his wife Martha, Alf let the condition of the park slide and eventually sold it to Tom and Pippa Fletcher who inherited full-time tenants Floss and Neville McPhee who lived in their circus caravan. Bobby Simpson lived in a caravan until moving into the house. Lance Smart also rented a van until he purchased a mobile home further up the park following a lottery win and was joined by Martin Dibble and they lived there for two years. They were joined by Marilyn Chambers for a while, but following their departures, she moved out. The home was rarely seen on screen for the next few years and when it was briefly shown in 1995 when Marilyn returned the steps had been removed. Lance's mother Colleen returned in 1997 in order to clean out the home for sale but stayed for the next fifteen years.

Current Residents

Character Actor Duration
Dean Thompson Patrick O'Connor
Martha Stewart Belinda Giblin 2019

Past Residents: