Tegan Callahan
Gender Female
Relationships Darryl Braxton (ex-boyfriend)
Heath Braxton (fling)
Jake Pirovic (boyfriend; deceased)
Family Connie Callahan (mother)
Darcy Callahan (daughter)
First Appearance 4 July 2011
Last Appearance 8 September 2011
Portrayed by Saskia Burmeister
Tegan Mary Callahan was Connie Callahan's daughter and Darcy Callahan's mother. She's also a River Girl and Darryl Braxton's ex-girlfriend. She's a Jake Pirovic's girlfriend.


Tegan is a River Girl from Mangrove River and she dated the leader of the River Boys, Darryl Braxton.

However they broke up and Tegan had a fling with Darryl's brother, Heath Braxton and became pregnant with his daughter, Darcy. But Tegan kept it from Heath.


Tegan comes to Angelo's to see her ex-boyfriend Darryl Braxton, after talking to his mother, Cheryl. Tegan asks him about his new girlfriend, but Darryl refuses to give her any details, so she cannot report back to his mother.

Tegan tells Heath Braxton that Darryl has changed and when he mentions that Darryl owns Angelo's, Tegan goes to see Colleen Smart. Colleen tells Tegan all about the River Boys and Darryl's arrival in Summer Bay.

Tegan later spots Darryl with Charlie Buckton. She confronts Charlie, telling her that she knows about her relationship with Darryl and that their secret is not safe with her. Darryl later tells Tegan to leave. Tegan returns and reveals to Darryl that she is dating Jake Pirovic, the leader of rival surf gang to the River Boys

She tells him that Jake knows about Heath's plan to launch a raid on his land and tells Darryl to stop Heath before he gets killed. Tegan later turns up with bags of drugs and Heath helps her hide them. Tegan goes to see Darryl and she kisses him. They have sex and Charlie finds them together. Jake stabs Darryl and Tegan helps him with his injury. She later reveals to Charlie that Darryl is Darcy's father.

Tegan tells Darryl and he initially asks for a DNA test, but changes his mind. Casey Braxton overhears Tegan and Cheryl talking and learns Tegan is lying to Darryl. Casey tells Darryl, who confronts Tegan and she reveals Heath is Darcy's real father. Tegan decides to go back to Jake. A storm hits the Bay and Heath takes Darcy to the high school. Tegan arrives and tells Heath he had no right taking Darcy and they leave.

Tegan crashes her car and Charlie arrives to help her. Tegan panics when she realises Darcy is missing, but Darryl finds her. Tegan tells Charlie she loves Darryl, but he does not love her, because he loves Charlie. Tegan is pulled out of the car and taken to hospital. She reveals to Darryl that she told Jake's brother Hammer Pirovic about him and Charlie. Tegan goes into surgery, but she dies from her injuries.

After her death, Darcy was given custody to Tegan's mother, Connie Callahan.


  • Tegan's portrayer, Saskia Brumeister is a natural brunette, and dyes her hair blond for the role.
  • Saskia is also the real life older sister of Martika Sullivan, who played Kelly O'Mara in the show.