Robbo shield's Kat from the blast.

The Camp Explosion occurred in 2017 and was part of the storyline of Katarina Chapman, Robbo, Scarlett Snow and Justin Morgan.


After Robbo wins a bush retreat for four people during a Summer Bay fundraiser, he alongside Kat, Justin and Scarlett go on a quiet holiday together.

All four are completely unaware of the danger the trip will have and Robbo has no idea that he is being targeted. Still struggling without his memories, Robbo has no idea who this person is – but he has a gut feeling that the newcomer will bring trouble.

As Robbo and the others arrive at a remote cabin in the woods, the mystery individual is following them with a dark plan in mind.

Later on, Robbo is baffled to find a piece of fuse wire outside, but all becomes clear when he also notices a hidden bomb – with only a few seconds left on the timer countdown.

Robbo frantically tries to get everyone to safety when he raises the alarm, but a huge question mark hangs over Scarlett's fate as she's nowhere to be seen.