Willow Harris
Occupation Trainer
Gender Female
Relationships Justin Morgan (slept with)
Dean Thompson (ex-boyfriend)
Family Russell Harris (father)
Judy Lawson (grand mother)
Bobby Harris (uncle)
First Appearance 14 November 2017
Portrayed by Sarah Roberts
Willow Harris (also Ranger) is the daughter of Russell Harris and the granddaughter of Judy Lawson. She's also Justin Morgan's love interest and Dean Thompson's ex-girlfriend.


Roberts described Willow as a "strong, female character", who is also independent, loyal and fierce. The actress said Willow would bring "mischief and a bit of trouble" to Summer Bay. Roberts added that Willow was "definitely a bad girl. But for all the right reasons. She has taken wrong turns and made decisions that some people would consider 'bad', but only to help the people that she loves."


Arrival in the Bay

Willow pulls up to Summer Bay Auto, attracting the attention of Justin Morgan. She hits him in the stomach with her motorcycle helmet and demands to know where her $15,000 is. She ties Justin to a table and he explains that he gave the money to the police, after it fell out of the bumper of a customer's car. Willow takes Justin's wallet and leaves him locked up in the garage overnight. She returns in the morning, after finding Justin's bank account empty, and reveals that the money does not belong to her and in fact belongs to Boyd Easton, before fleeing as Justin's partner and assistant arrive. Willow takes Justin's dog Buddy and demands a ransom.

Her father, Russell, is injured and sent to hospital where Willow cares for him. She learns that Boyd hurt her father as a way of getting to her.A little later Justin and willow begin a causal relationship much to Tori Morgan's anger. Then they broke up. In 2018 Justin and willow get back together but Dean Thompson arrives who is willow's ex.Episode 6868 they break up over Ava. Eventually willow and Dean get back together.But inside willow still loves Justin.